Backfire G2 Longboard Review

Last Updated on February 8, 2021

Meet the heartthrob of entry-level skateboarders with its all-rounder performance, high quality construction, and no definite flaws. Prepare to be amazed!

  • Battery: 36V, 187Wh, 6.0Ah
  • Drive: Rear
  • Deck: Canadian Maple/Birch
  • Range: 18-20km
  • Speed: 23.5mph
  • Wheels: PU Tire Hardness 83A SHRAA 83MM Diameter
  • Weight: 16.2lbs
  • Additional Features: 2 riding modes

Digital screen remote controller

2-speed modes

Replaceable motors and tires

You know how they say – ‘never judge a book by its cover’? Yes, that’s precisely what you will face in the coming minutes, so be prepared.

Especially when it comes to skateboards as these old and new users may face quite a dilemma. Worry not as we discuss all the merits and cons and an honest opinion on this model.

Keep reading to find out all the juicy details!

Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard Review & Buying Guide

It’s no surprise that the skateboard industry has seen its brightest days in the last couple of decades. As consumers and fanatics of skateboards, this gives all the users more options, various price ranges, enhanced features, and optimized branding.

If you are new to electric skateboards – here’s good news for you, these are much more durable, faster, have enriched battery life, and are a bang for the buck deal. Not to mention all the little anecdotes that have been added in order to advance their features. These can give the generic skateboards a run for their money.

Before I get ahead of myself, let’s talk about the Backfire G2 electric skateboard, which will bring you everything that you want to experience in this world of wheels. Today, we’re on a mission to examine the Backfire G2 electric skateboard, which is popular for its features on a cheap budget. But aren’t you intrigued to know the real deal as we are? Multiple reputable skaters have paid attention to this model, but… why?

Worry not, as we will answer all your questions with our neat table filled with pros, cons, and specs and let you determine if it’s worth all the talk and your buck.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Drive –

This Backfire G2 longboard gets its accuracy, stability, and high speed that any pro skateboarder would search for from its spot-on calibration, which allows the board to swerve and maneuver with no loopholes or accidents. The standard configuration gives the longboard a sturdy core capacity, which is furthermore distributed along the body of this sleek electric board.

Here’s a tip: Try turning around 90° or a sharp 25° on your left and right on this skateboard – you will be shocked at the revelations of how it can make any rickety turn smooth and fun!

For propelled performance, the rear-wheels are attached to the back-wheel drive. Thus, for a stable backward or forward propel, you can get every other job done while accelerating at the highest speed. The board also claims to have a 25% climb stability with its top-most speed at 8mph.

The obvious downfall here is its vibration on low-speed modes, especially while traveling on uneven roads. However, if the setback seems minor, you will fall in love with the CRASH truck’s bulls-eye calibration and convenience.

Speed –

You see, the manufacturers fuss with most of the numbers relating to features or, in this case – speed. But you know what the real deal is when the product is tested and verified. Longboard users are lucky enough to get the real deal here as the Backfire G2 is exactly as it is advertised.

But we need to talk more in-depth when it comes to speed because it limits how far you can go and invites the user’s weight, inclination, stability, and so on. Hence, in order to know more about how much you can travel and at what speed, keep reading.

Basically, you can reach 23 mph with no struggle at all with this longboard but, after reading all the instructions, manuals and furthermore reviews, take into consideration your weight, height, terrain surface, ups and downs, and stability of the board and how much it can withstand.

Battery –

The battery uses a standard 10s2p 25r cell, which is also a whopper for the price. Its capacity of 42V 1.5A isn’t anything extraordinary, along with its claimed 3 hours of charging. But the Backfire G2 has a function of auto shut-off in order to protect its elements from damage during charging. This emergency shutdown can act as a firewall for you and the board in serious conditions. This is an optimized addition to the longboard, as even though the battery itself is generic, its precautionary methods are not.

Here’s another hint for you: if the brake function on the remote isn’t working, you need to comprehend that your skateboard is potentially dead. I know – sad but true.

Range –

The stated range on this longboard is 18 to 20 kilometers during regular rides, but on the high-efficiency eco mode, it can reach up to 30 kilometers with the speed limit of 24mph. However, the range capacity also depends on how much you weigh as a user, which is proportional to how far the board can go. With definite test results, it was seen that any weight under 190 pounds is the best for the stated range limits.

Nonetheless, this limit of range and speed is still bliss for most users of an electric four-wheeler.

Brakes & Wheels –

The wheels are embellished with standardized polyurethane available in black or red color with 83mm diameters. The correct expressions for these are – ‘meh.’ As these aren’t anything out of the box or lower than the benchmark.

On the other hand, the brakes are a must-have. As, even with downhill strides, you can halt midway and quite effectively stop the motion. It consists of no physical brakes; hence, this is where the advertised ‘regenerative concept’ ushers in.

You’ve got it right. The battery is utilized to power the brakes in this longboard. So, be assured that it will consume minimal energy with high efficiency. Don’t worry, since childhood; we’ve all been accustomed to halting the machine with our feet. Here’s to hoping that you’ve experienced it with your kid-scooter. If not, then put your feet to work!

Deck –

It’s always tricky to find the sweet spot with skateboards. Either they’re too tough or too flexible. But you may have hit the jackpot with this sturdy deck construction, and here’s why.

The board is adequately constructed with accurate flexibility, elasticity, and solid wood combination of birch and maple. The skateboard can also be purchased in blue or black grip tape. It has decent smoothness and rebound mechanism with proper friction laid out throughout the board. The board also has an assigned weight limitation of 220lbs with optimal performance within that boundary.

Let’s weigh out the merit and demerits with this deck. It’s durable and extremely comfortable to ride on. However, other than its exquisite features, the blue variation has unfortunately proven to leave marks on the user’s shoes. So, if you’re wearing white sneakers – watch out!

Another observation is that the motor and batteries are quite hefty; thus, they might restrain you from extreme movements at times.

Additional Features –

Let’s countdown all the equipment that this skateboard will come with. A T-tool, wrench, micro USB cable, wall charger, and replacement parts for DIY enthusiasts. Moreover, you can swerve around in sport or eco modes.

If we put the remote as it is – it will not give you an exquisite feel on the hand. With its plastic and large component size, the overall feel is pretty generic, if not cheap, as well. Speaking of the remotes on this skateboard, no user likes to break on a dead-halt. Sure, we like a quick and snappy brake while encountering an obstruction but not one that jolts your core too. We’re no one to state this as a deal-breaker, but the brakes on this bad boy aren’t gentle. Mind you – it will not launch your forward and cause you to lose balance, but this might still be a red flag for some.

The board also comes with a radio connectivity feature. Unfortunately, its claim to be ‘disconnect-proof’ may not have made it to the finish line as some users have previously complained about connectivity issues. When it comes to electromagnetic waves and interference, the distortion could be on both or either ends; thus, it would be uselessly derogatory to label the issue on the build only.

Along with other great DIY options, you also have the benefit of getting your hands dirty and changing the urethane encircling the wheels when needed. Nobody likes frequent trips to the local fixers and the splurge… ugh! Use this opportunity to enhance your skill and give a shot to DIYs.

What We Like –

We will have to begin with its biggest plus point – it’s the most affordable, beginner-friendly, electric skateboard that you can get your hands on. But, other than that, we will still have to praise its construction, usage, and convenience.

It’s incredibly durable and sturdy whilst being the correct amount of flexible. Not only does it embody great speed and battery life, but also drips with high range qualities. The variation and options in designs are also a win-win for VSCO lovers.

It will be a shame if we don’t talk about the CRASH trucks that are intricately assembled in this electric skateboard. Most of the accuracy in this piece comes from these trucks, which also exhibit stability, top speed, high range, and a fun riding experience.

Depending on your weight, this piece’s top speed is around 24mph, with great climbing inclinations and mileage coverage. Overall, the board is very comfortable, durable, and reliable, especially if you’re a newbie in this world of wheels.

What We Don’t Like –

Now there’s an obvious cliffhanger here – is this skateboard perfect?

To answer you truthfully – no. But, then again, you would scarcely find any longboard that’s perfect. It’s simply because what’s perfect for me, wouldn’t have to necessarily pass your first-grade test range.

To state the fact – its braking mechanism can be chaotic. With or without its battery power, nobody likes the added pressure of knowing the lack of braking mechanism while riding on wheels. There’s also the reported issues of connectivity and random auto shut-offs.

Like any other four-wheelers, if you can accept the flaws and ride safely with it – kudos to you!

What We Liked –

  • Stable truck
  • High range
  • Replaceable wheels
  • Bang for the buck
  • DIY options
  • Digital screen on remote controller

What We Don’t Like –

  • Random auto shut-offs
  • No brakes with dead batteries

Our Advice

Here’s the juicy bit – You will not hear any definite raves about the brand Backfire. Its Chinese authenticity and less publicity have gradually shoved it in the back rack of the skateboard closet. However, once in a blue moon, you will come across a product with no previous brand inclination and fall in love with its sneaky service and convenience. This is that sneaky product and brand that you can bestow your trust upon to enrich your four-wheelers skills.

Even with such low awareness, you’d be surprised to know that this brand and its creation is head-to-head with most other renowned brands due to their competitive price range and equally high-quality products.

Thus, we urge beginners to give this a shot if you want to test the waters on a budget-friendly note. Now it’s up to you to take the next step.


Electric skateboards have taken the market to a different whirlwind with an abundance of much-needed change and optimization. With new brands popping on and off every other day – the scenario has completely shifted to consumer needs and delivery.

But beware – a lot of these ‘closet brands’ may be fluff with flimsy innovations and scams. However, time after time, Backfire has proven to be otherwise.

Let me ask you this – do you want to have fun and learn in a budget-friendly experience? If yes, then go for this! Beginners really aren’t on the lookout for an exquisite and premium feel to their skateboards; they just want to have fun!

And honestly, there’s no stopping that if you own the Backfire G2. Have fun with your countless hours of wheeling!

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