5 Best Handheld Spotlight Reviews

Last Updated on February 8, 2021

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When you are looking for a handheld spotlight, Streamlight 44910 comes on top of the list for sure. It comes with a lot of different features that can make you a satisfied user.

There are many different activities we are regularly doing like Checking the lawn and garden at night, outdoor activities like hunting, camping, fishing, etc. No matter what the activities are, In these cases, a handheld spotlight can be your good companion. Even it is an emergency!

Top 5 Best Handheld Spotlights

In my list of the best handheld spotlight, I have reviewed five handheld spotlights which are full of different user-friendly features. Also, these are unique in some cases. Check these out below –


Type of Bulb


Streamlight 44910 Waypoint 1000-Lumens SpotlightStreamlight Waypoint SpotlightLED2.2 pounds3-60 HRS
GOODSMANN Submersible LED SpotlightGOODSMANN Submersible LED SpotlightCREE LED1.67 pounds.30-10 HRS
DEWALT DCL043 20V MAX Jobsite LED SpotlightDEWALT Jobsite LED SpotlightLED1 pound4-13.5 HRS
NoCry 18W Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight (Spotlight)NoCry Waterproof Rechargeable FlashlightCREE XHP-50.2 LED15.2 ounces6-20HRS

1. Streamlight 44910 Waypoint 1000-Lumens Spotlight

Streamlight Spotlight

When you are looking for a handheld spotlight, Streamlight 44910 comes on top of the list for sure. It comes with a lot of different features that can make you a satisfied user. 

The first thing it offers is the variety. It offers three types of brightness. If you need bright light, use the option of 1000 lumen. In this option, the beam reaches almost 678 meters. Other two brightness levels are 550 lumen and 35 lumen, where the beam reaches 490 meters and 200 meters respectively. 

It comes with a good runtime too. In the brightest setting of 1000 lumen, it runs for 3 hours. If you use it keeping the brightness 550 lumen, it will support you for 6 hours. For the lowest brightness setting, you’ll get 60 hour support. You can easily jump to the brightness you want with the help of a rotary switch.

It comes with C4 LED light, which has a 50,000 hours lifetime. It is shockproof. So, accidental falls won’t have any impact on its performance. 

The light is supported by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A 120-volt is supplied with the spotlight that takes 4 hours to recharge the battery fully.  You can recharge the battery supplied with the light up to 800 times. Thus you can use it for a long time.

Now, let’s come to the point of built-quality. The light comes with highly durable and strong polycarbonate housing. The lens is made of unbreakable polycarbonate and sealed by strong O-ring.

Drop the light on water and see what happens. It will float on the water. It also works underwater up to 2-meters. 

It comes with a few features for user-comfort. There is a stand integrated with it, which helps you to put it focusing somewhere. Thus if you need both of your hands to do something, you can do that.  

Another comfortable feature is the trigger switch. Press the switch for keeping the light on/off. If you need light just for a few moments, press lightly on the switch.


  1. Reaches long distance
  2. Three different settings
  3. Strong and compact
  4. Usable underwater


  1. The mode selector is a bit slippery

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2. GOODSMANN Submersible LED Spotlight

GOODSMANN Submersible LED SpotlightAre you looking for the brightest handheld spotlight? If so, check out the GOODSMANN Submersible LED Spotlight might be the one you are looking for. It comes with a powerful 3000 lumen brightness that supports you for around 2.5 to 3 hours in darkness when the battery is fully charged. 

It comes with another brightness setting, which is lower than this and supports you for almost 6.5 hours. It also offers flash mode – SOS which lasts for almost 7.5 hours on a full charge. The light beam can go up to 370-meter. 

It contains super-bright 30 watt LED lights inside, which is powered by a strong and efficient 2000 mAh battery. There is a USB port to recharge the battery. You can use both AC home charger and DC car charger in order to recharge it. 

The housing of the light is made of shock-resistant ABS and polystyrene. It saves the internal parts from shock and hits from outside. As a result, the internal parts of the light don’t get affected by sudden falls. Besides, it doesn’t sick in water. The compact housing doesn’t let water enter into it. Thus this light becomes perfect for helping you in different activities, including boating, hiking, camping and so on. 

It comes with a stand that allows you to keep it upside down and get your hand free. When you need your hands free, simply keep the light on and put it focused with the help of the stand. The trigger style switch is there to help you to turn it on or off. 

For easy handling, it comes with an extra strip attached to the handle.


  1. Brightness
  2. SOS mode
  3. Both AC and DC charger
  4. Compact housing


  1. Covered distance should be more

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3. DEWALT DCL043 20V MAX Jobsite LED Spotlight

DeWalt offers a wide range of toolsDEWALT DCL043 Jobsite LED Spotlight and machines for DIY people and professional workers. So, getting a handheld spotlight from DeWalt is not unexpected. 

If you want the taste of using a compact jobsite handheld spotlight, DeWalt DCL043 is the one for you. It is strong, sturdy and made for jobsite use. 

You’ll get two different brightness levels in this spotlight- 1000 lumen and 90 lumen. If you need bright light, use 1000 lumen which can support you up to 4 hours. On the other hand, if you want long runtime, you can switch to 90 lumen brightness in which the light can support you for 13.5 hours. The beam of the light passes a distance of up to 1525 feet (almost 465 meters).  

Besides the normal spotlight, this one has a red LED light. This works great to preserve night vision. You can turn on or off the light or switch between the light modes with the help of a trigger-type switch. 

The main beam is produced by three bright LED lights inside the compact housing. The LED lights are powered by any 20 volt Max DeWalt battery. The battery and charger don’t come with the light. You’ll have to buy these separately. 

The best feature of this light is the 90-degree pivoting head. You can fit the head in 5 positions covering around 90-degree. Thus you can focus on almost every angle you need. As a result, you’ll get your hands free to work properly. 

The inner parts of the spotlight are safe inside of the strong and compact housing. The lens is over-molded so that it remains safe from workplace hits and lasts for a long time. 

A great user-friendly feature of this spotlight is the integrated belt-hook. You can hang this tool with your belt when you don’t need it. There is also a hanger with the tool. This hanger ensures easy storing. After finishing working with it, simply hang the light anywhere of your workshop.


  1. Extra red light
  2. Pivoting head
  3. Great for workplace use
  4. Passes long distance


  1. Only one switch for everything

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4. NoCry 18W Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight (Spotlight)

NoCry Waterproof Rechargeable FlashlightIf you need a spotlight that works for a long time, you may keep your eyes on it. The NoCry 18W Waterproof Spotlight can last for a long time. On the highest offered brightness of 1000-lumen, it supports you around 6 hours on a full charge.

It offers two more brightness levels- 500 lumen (medium) and 100 lumen (low). In the low brightness settings, it offers 20 hour light support without any problem. 

This longtime support is made possible by the 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery. The battery is a rechargeable one which can be charged on both home and car adopter. It takes around 4 hours for a full charge. This powerful battery supplies power to an 18 watt LED light to ensure a bright beam of light. 

This spotlight is designed to use for different purposes, including camping, boating, trekking etc. To ensure long time use, it is waterproof. It floats on water and can be used up to 3 ft. under water. 

It has a strong ABS plastic stand on the top of it that allows you to keep your both hands free. You can set it up in different angles to get maximized light to the spot you want. A detachable red light filter is included in the pack. You can use the filter to keep your eyes adjusted for the dark. 

The build quality is also good. NoCry has used tough and impact resistance polystyrene and ABS to manufacture the housing. As a result, it can survive drops and shocks. For easy storing, it comes with a hanging cord.


  1. 3000 mAh battery
  2. Can be used underwater
  3. Shock resistance
  4. Three different brightness settings


  1. The beam is a bit unfocused

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stanley led spotlightIf you are looking for a handheld spotlight that can hold the charge for a long time, Stanley Fatmax SL10LEDS can help you in this matter. After charging once fully, it can store the charge for almost 12 months. The lithium-ion battery does this for you. You can use both AC and DC sources to charge the battery. 

The battery supplies power to the ultra-bright LED 10W light. The light delivers highest 920 lumen brightness, which is good for almost all types of works. It offers two other brightness levels to meet different types of demands for brightness.

In the lowest brightness setting, the light ensures 7-hour back-up. On the other hand, in the highest brightness settings, it supports 1 hour continuously. 

You can also use this spotlight as a power bank for your mobile device too. When your device is out of charge, use a USB cable to connect the device with it to charge. 

The handle is very comfortable and compact for ensuring easy gripping. The trigger-type switch allows you to easily switch between the brightness levels and turn it on or off. 

Like other spotlights, it will also allow you to get your hands free. With the help of pivoting stand, you can put it upside down and focus on the work spot. 

All the offerings stated above come inside a durable plastic housing and rubber bezel. As a result, it remains safe from shocks. 

The last but not the least feature is the red lens. The emergency red lens can be attached to it if you need red light is the darkness.


  1. Holds charge for a long time
  2. Can be used as a power bank
  3. Comfortable handle
  4. Rubber bezel


  1. Short runtime

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Handheld Spotlight Buying Guide

There are several factors you need to consider before Buying these types of products. I am pointing here the facts –

Things to Consider before Buying a Handheld Spotlight

Handheld Spotlight ReviewThere are a few things that you need to focus on before choosing a handheld spotlight to buy. Those are described below.


The output of a spotlight is the brightness it provides. The brightness is generally measured by lumen. On typical uses, 1000 lumen is good enough. But if you are buying the light for regular professional or nighttime use, you should search for more brightness.

You’ll get handheld spotlights with almost 3000-3500 lumen brightness too. According to your demand, you can go for those lights. But note that, the higher the brightness, the more the power consumed.


Runtime is another factor to focus on. It means how long the spotlight runs when the battery is fully charged. The preferred runtime changes depending on the reason behind buying. If you want the spotlight for workshop use, it is better to choose a spotlight with long runtime. Camping, hunting etc. also need lights with long runtime.

On the other hand, sometimes maybe you don’t need a long runtime. For example- if you need the spotlight just to check your yard or garden at night, the runtime doesn’t matter a lot. So, choose one that can ensure the minimum runtime you need.

Distance covered by the beam:

Almost all the spotlights come with a specific description about how long distance the beam can cover. It is important to know. Sometimes you need to cover a long distance with the spotlight.

A spotlight that covers a long distance will be helpful in for camping, boating or road tripping. So, depending on your need, don’t forget to see how long the beam can go. If that satisfies your need, keep it in the list. Normally, most handheld spotlight beams can cover 300-400 meter.

Size and Weight:

As it is a handheld spotlight, the weight should be light for long time use. Before buying, check the weight before to make sure that you can hold it for a long time. If the weight is heavy, you can’t hold it for long time use. On the other hand, light spotlights are easy to carry, even for long time use.

Size is another thing to consider. Instead of buying a huge one, try to buy one that is compact and small. Small sized spotlights are easy to store and carry. If you buy a large one, you’ll face a problem to store in the bag. But don’t make it a prime consideration because the previous three matters most.

Build Material and Quality:

Build material and quality matters. In most of the cases like hunting, camping, or workshop use, you may drop it accidentally. The handheld spotlights should be shockproof to survive drops and shocks. It will break easily if the build quality is not good enough.

So, check which materials are used in the housing of the spotlight. There are different types of plastics, make sure that your chosen one is housed in a quality plastic housing.

Water Resistance:

If you are buying the spotlight for boating or fishing at night, it must be water resistant. In these situations, it is a common consequence that the light accidentally falls from hand. In that case, it should be water resistant and floating one so that you can pick it up immediately and continue using.

So, try picking a water resistance one. It will help you on rainy days too.  

You can also look for user-friendly features and other things according to your need. 

Editor’s Opinion on the Best Handheld Spotlights

Best Handheld Spotlights
In my list of the best handheld spotlight, there are five lights. Among those, Streamlight 44910 is the best performer when it is about covering the highest distance. I love this one because of this feature. With the beam distance of 678 meters, it is great for night journeys and camping. It also supports you greatly in boating, fishing or joining to a search party. 

On the other hand, GOODSMANN Submersible LED Spotlight is the real performer if your prime focus is brightness. I suggest you buy this when you need really bright lights. With a brightness of 3000 lumen, it is one of the brightest options when you are searching for a handheld spotlight. It is perfect for camping and hunting. 

DeWalt DCL043 is there to support you on your workshop or jobsite. This spotlight is specially designed for that. I like the 90-degree pivoting head of the light. This allows you to focus easily on a specific spot easily. It is powered by a DeWalt 20V battery, which you’ll find anywhere inside your workshop if you use some more DeWalt tools. It reduces the tension of losing battery. 

The NoCry 18W Waterproof Spotlight is great for you if you have to use the light for a long time. It comes with a great runtime of 6 hours in the brightest setting. Comparing to others, this is one of the longest runtimes in case of handheld spotlights. This one is perfect for long time use like night lawn parties, workshops, camping or hunting etc. It goes good for search parties too. 

If you don’t need spotlight very often, only is some sudden cases, you should keep Stanley Fatmax SL10LEDS with you. I love the feature of storing charge. It can hold the charge for a long time, almost 12 months. So, it will easily support you when you feel the need for a spotlight. Besides, it’ll help you in emergencies when your mobile is out of charge. You can charge your mobile from it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which things should I consider to buy a handheld spotlight for fishing? 

Answer- The first thing you should check is the runtime. In fishing, you have to pass a long time in the boat. In that case, light with long runtime supports you until fishing is finished. The second thing is the water resistance. Make sure that it floats on water. Brightness is also important, but the 1000 lumen is more than you need. Also, check the weight and distance covered by the beam. 

2. How many lumens is enough for camping?

Answer- It depends on how much light you need. I would think that 200-250 lumen is enough because I don’t want to bother other animals of the jungle. It depends on your preference. Let me give some ideas about some other uses. Normally, path lights are of 100-200 lumen. Pool lights are of 200-400 lumen. You know how much brightness you want. So, compare with these and choose the brightness. 

3. For coyote hunting, how much lumen is needed?

Answer- At the time of hunting, you’ll need only 100 lumens to watch your step. But that’s not all. If a coyote attacks you back, you’ll need a brighter light to make the coyote afraid. 600 lumen will work well in this case. You can use a brighter setting if you want.  Also, make sure that the light is shockproof. At the time of hunting, the light may fall from your hand easily. If it is not shockproof, it’ll go off. 

Final Verdict

A spotlight can help you in different circumstances, but you may also have a specific reason behind buying it. Before buying one, make sure that it meets your demand. 

Here I have written about five best handheld spotlights which are perfect for different purposes. I hope you’ll be able to find out one from these five options. The buying guide will help you with that.

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