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A regular DIYer knows why people should visit Harbor Freight regularly. If you don’t know, let me explain. Harbor Freight is most known for providing tools at a cheap rate and regular discount. The secret behind this is the quality of the tools. Most Harbor Freight tools are manufactured such a way so that those don’t last for a very long time, but serve you better than most other tools. So, people mainly pay a visit to Harbor Freight regularly to get tools at a cheap and discounted rate.

But it some cases, Harbor Freight has focused on the quality too. As a result, you’ll get many tools at Harbor Freight those are comparatively cheap but come with good quality.

Here in this article, I’m going to let you know about a few tools that you should buy from Harbor Freight. Some of those should be brought for quality, some should be chosen for a cheap rate, and some are just for using for a short time.

Harbor Freight Tools

Tools that should be Bought from Harbor Freight

Grinding and Cut-off Wheels:

If you have an angle grinder and you use it regularly for small projects, you should get your grinding and cut-off wheels from Harbor Freight. Cutting wheels are the type of products which has a short lifespan. Spending huge money on buying a product with a short lifespan is not a wise decision.

So, you can buy those from Harbor Freight where you can get cheap wheels to help you in cutting and grinding. There, you’ll find wheels that last for a short time but helps you to carry out your tasks efficiently. This will help you to save some money from your DIY budget.
This tactic is also applicable for wheels or discs of rotary tools.

Reciprocating Saw Blades:

Just like the grinding and cut-off wheels, reciprocating saw blades are also something that comes with a short lifespan. If the blade is strong enough, you won’t have to consider other things at the time of buying. So, spending money on a précised and perfect reciprocating saw blade is not mandatory.

So, you can buy these blades from Harbor Fright. You’ll find cheap blades that work well to carry out your task properly. As reciprocating saw blades don’t need a perfect precision, you can pick a few from Harbor Freight.

But, I think the decision of picking blades for other types of saws from Harbor Freight is not a wise act.

Corded Reciprocating Saws:

Speaking about reciprocation saws from Harbor Freight, I must admit that those die quickly if you use for regular work. If you use those for light works, you’ll see those working for a few more days. Still, I am asking you to get the corded reciprocating saw from Harbor Freight. Do you know why?

Reciprocating saw isn’t required to be perfectly précised. A proper power and solid build quality will be okay for those to work properly. Harbor Freight provides these two at a cheaper rate where others focus on precision and other things that you won’t need. So, why would you spend money on the things you don’t need?

In case of cordless reciprocating saws, the scenario is changed. If you are looking for a corded one, it will be good for you to buy from somewhere else.


I am suggesting buying generators from Harbor Freight because they have ensured quality in manufacturing those. Harbor Freight offers generator to the market under the brand ‘Predator.’ Predator generators are strong, durable and efficient. Those come at a comparatively low price also. If you count the performance vs price ratio, you’ll see that Predator generators are one of the best deals in the market. As an example, I can say that Predator 2000 watt generator is one of the most popular one.

Depending on the use, Harbor Freight offers different Predator Generators for different power level. So, you can easily choose one. Next time when you’ll need to buy a generator, don’t hesitate to walk into a Harbor Freight store and pick one of the Predators. You will never be disappointed.

Wet/Dry Vacuum:

A wet/dry vacuum is necessary for you, both for home and workshop. Having a wet/dry vacuum in the workshop helps you to keep it clean by removing dust and debris easily.

Having only one vacuum for both home and workshop can distract you and waste your time as you have to bring it from the house every time. So I suggest you get a wet/dry vacuum for your workshop.

Harbor Freight offers wet/dry vacuum at a cheap rate. By using the discount coupons, you can get it at a cheaper rate. Comparing to the price, the vacuums from Harbor Freight perform great as those are designed and manufactured to perform well. So, buying affordable vacuums from Harbor Freight is a good decision for you.

Tool Box or Tool Chest:

Most DIYers are willing to build own toolbox or tool chest using their skills. But why would you waste some time when you can buy a quality toolbox at a low price? Harbor Freight offers a wide range of toolboxes at different price range and size. You can easily choose one that you need.

Harbor Freight brings toolboxes which are made of thick metal and smooth joints. As a result, you’ll be satisfied with the performance of the box. Besides, the toolboxes from Harbor Freight last for a long time. So, if you buy one, you’ll find durability and performance at a low price. Even if you have to pay a bit more than usual, you’ll find that the box is worthy of the price.

Wrenches, Ratchets and Sockets:

Harbor Freight offers Wrenches, Sockets and Ratchets under the brand name Pittsburg. On the Harbor Freight website of 10000+ outlets around the world, you’ll find these at a very cheap rate, sometimes at the half price of some other sellers. So, why would you spend twice money for these tools?

At the wrenches, ratchets and sockets under Pittsburg brand are found at a very cheap rate, you might think that those are not quality tools. But Harbor Freight has confidence on the quality. So, it has provided a lifetime warranty for the hand tools. That means the wrenches, ratchets, and sockets you are buying at a cheap rate are also backed up by a lifetime warranty. So, you can buy those from Harbor Freight without any hesitation.

Bar Clamps:

Bar clamps are very important tool for woodworkers. For a project, a woodworker always needs a few bar clamps. If you want to buy clamps that come with a premium price, you may have to invest a lot for those. Instead of that, you can easily pick your bar clamps from Harbor Freight.

Harbor Freight provides quality bar clamps at a low price. All you need to do is checking before selecting. Check the strength of the clamps, and you’ll find some really strong clamps. Most of the woodworkers love the clamps under the Pittsburg brand. Those are quite strong, firm and cheap. So, I suggest you check those.

Air Hose Reel:

Properly storing your air hose is a seriously annoying task to do. Rolling and unrolling the hose time and again is not something that you’ll find very comfortable. So, setting up a reel in your workshop for storing hose will be a great step. But you’ll be shocked by seeing the prices of the reels available in the market.

Harbor Freight can save your ass here. It offers air hose reel that is really strong and sturdy and comes at a low price. Coming with great quality is not a must for reels. Harbor Freight also knows that thing. That’s why it has manufactured reels at a low price that can save you from the disgusting problems that your air hoses always make.

Chip Brush:

Normally you can’t use a chip brush for a long time. After using a few times, the brush won’t work like it used to do. Even in some cases, you may need to use the brush for once. Those don’t come with high quality to make you impressed. They just come to help you to carry out the task. Once done, you won’t need it again.

So, why would you spend money on the brushes that come in twice of the price of Harbor Freight brushes? Harbor Freight offers the same quality brushes at a cheap rate. Instead of running for a reputed brand, you can save a few money here by buying the chip brushes from Harbor Freight.

As a retailer of tools at a cheap rate, Harbor Freight may not be able to provide the best quality to compete with other brands. But the up to the mark quality and cheap price of the tools will allow you to shop a number of tools that you need. Besides, Harbor Freight focuses on providing high quality on some tools, for example- the generator. So, all over, it is a really good place if you want to get the tools you need and save some money too.

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