Best Oil Filter For Synthetic Oil – Top Picks | Ultimate Guide and Review

If you own a vehicle, you’ll definitely need the best oil filter for synthetic oil. The engine of your vehicle needs fresh fuel to run. But there might be some contaminants mixed with the oil that you provide to the engine. The oil filter restricts the contaminants and holds those to make sure that those aren’t entering the engine. Thus an oil filter keeps the engine safe and helps it to run flawlessly.

If the oil filter is not efficient enough, the engine won’t work properly as contaminated oil will enter into the engine. So, you need the best oil filter for synthetic oil if you want to get the best output from your car engine. Here, I have made a list of some great oil filters available in the market. I hope this list will help you to find out which one is good for you.

Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

If you want a good performance from your engine, you need to use quality materials. That’s why many recommend using Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH oil filter. Coming from a dependable name Bosch, it offers great performance.

Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

The high-lubricity Gasket design of this filter ensures that it is tightly sealed. So, you can be assured that it won’t loose and fall out. Though it is tightly sealed, you’ll be able to remove it easily.

The structure of this premium quality oil filter is designed such a way that oil won’t come out of it. The design also ensures proper flow of oil. The premium filtration media of the filter helps to filter the oil and keep the dirt and other contaminants away from your engine. It has a capacity of 14 gram. That means it can keep up to 14-gram dirt away from your engine.

The end cap prevents the filtered dirt from entering into the engine. As a result, you’ll get pure oil that’ll keep your engine good.

There is a silicone anti-drain back valve. It ensures that the oil supplied to the engine won’t come back and dry out the supply. If your engine doesn’t get enough oil, it won’t run properly. There is a relief valve inside the filter which doesn’t let it happen. It ensures a continuous flow of oil to the engine.

To make sure that it’ll be durable, it has a metal spiral-wound tube at the center. It reinforces the internal strength of the whole filter.

High-quality sheets are used to prepare the base plate and ensure strong housing of the whole filter. So, there is no need to worry about leakage, warpage or poor fit.


  • The design and building of the filter have made it strong and compact.
  • This oil filter provides a great value according to the price.
  • The anti-drain back valve ensures almost 0% dry-starts. Thus the engine remains safe.


  • You may not find it available for some models, especially for too old models.

Overall, Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH oil filter is a well-built, strong and efficient oil filter for synthetic oil. You can give a try if you find one that goes with your car model.

Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter

If you look around in search of an oil filter for your engine, you’ll see that many will suggest Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter. This is because of the performance of it. It provides a long-lasting performance to make the users happy.

Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter

This oil filter is very much efficient in removing contaminant and dirt. This filter is rated 99.6 percent efficient in Multi-pass Efficiency Rating. The design and built-quality have helped to achieve this much efficiency.

The advanced synthetic fiber blend media traps the contaminants that are harmful to the car engine. If you compare with other filters, you’ll see that it can hold more contaminants than other filters available in the market. It has the ability to hold up to 28 grams of contaminants that is surely higher than others.

This advancement has made this filter more efficient. It also ensures that this filter is able to save your engine from oil with the relatively high contaminant.

The filter has the ability to survive in a pressure which is equal to almost nine times normal operating pressure. This feature ensures exceptional protection. It can stand against pressure up to 615 pascals per square inch.

A dry start is a disgusting situation. It reduces the engine life. Mobil 1 M1-110 has a silicone anti-drain back valve. It doesn’t allow the oil to come back. As a result, the oil sent to the engine reaches to the engine and doesn’t come back. Thus it prevents a dry start.

The build quality of this oil filter is quite good. It ensures no leakage of oil. Thus you’ll get the security of oil. Besides, you don’t need to spend time again to change the filter again and again.


  • The contaminant storage of almost 28 gram has made this filter efficient enough in contaminant filtration process.
  • This filter lasts for a long time. It reduces the trouble of changing the filter as this one lasts longer.
  • 99.6 percent rating in Multi-pass Efficiency Rating ensured a great performance.


  • Comparing to other of this quality, it is a bit expensive.

Overall, if you look at Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter, you’ll see that is it a great filter for synthetic oil. You can try this filter may be.

ACDelco PF61E Professional Engine Oil Filter

ACDelco provides original equipment parts for vehicles of GM and many other brands. So, like other ACDelco products, ACDelco PF61E Professional Engine Oil Filter can also be used for the replacement of original filters that comes with vehicles from GM and other known brands.

ACDelco PF61E Professional Engine Oil Filter

Comparing to most other oil filters, it comes in almost 20% – 25% smaller size. Don’t think that it won’t be efficient seeing the smaller size. It has more filtration media that ensures greater capacity and enough efficiency.

Though this is small, it offers ten times more open area in the core to ensure enough space for a natural flow. So, you can be sure that your engine is getting enough oil to run properly. The open area doesn’t affect the oil filtration negatively.

You can be able to recycle the steel shell of the filter, threaded plate assembly, and the leaf spring. It gives you a sense that you are contributing to environment saving by using a vehicle part that you can recycle.

The cartridge of this filter is non-metallic. After using the filter, you can easily crush it to remove oil. After removing oil, you can use it as a power source. Thus you are getting 2 in 1 advantage by using this oil filter. There is also a lubricity gasket that helps you by reducing installation torque.

The build quality of the oil filter is great as it is made as the replacement of original parts. The tight seal increases the build quality. It protects the whole filter from heat. So, leakage doesn’t generally happen if any problem happens. You can be tension free about that.


  • 20% – 25% smaller size than normal filters have made it easier to carry as well as install.
  • More filtration media in a huge open area has made this oil filter efficient enough.
  • It gives a positive feeling that you are using something that is environment-friendly in a sense.


  • Checking the list of the models that it goes with will help you to be sure about your purchasing decision. Otherwise, you might need to change as it is smaller than most other filters.

Overall, ACDelco PF61E Professional Engine Oil Filter is a good oil filter in price. This is small yet efficient in filtering oil and supplying it to the engine.

Royal Purple 17807 Oil Filter

This is the only oil filter offered by Royal Purple. Royal Purple 17807 Oil Filter ensures durability and efficiency in filtering oil. For this, you have to thank the strong construction and efficient design of the filter.

Royal Purple 17807 Oil Filter

The oil filter comes with thicker shell parts. Those ensure a strong bond of the parts which doesn’t allow outside particle to enter the filter. Besides, the strong bond makes sure that the leakage won’t happen.

At the center part of the filter, there is a center tube that makes sure that the filter elements won’t collapse. So, you can be sure that the oil filtrations process is going on smoothly.

The filter elements are designed in such a way so that it can filter smaller particles too. For filtering process, this filter uses 100% screen-backed synthetic media. It is able to catch contaminants as small as only 25 microns.

Though it can restrict particles as small as this, the flow of oil isn’t affected. It ensures minimum restriction to the oil flow. If the filter elements restrict the oil flow for any reason, there is a by-pass valve flows oil to the engine. So, there won’t be lack of oil for your engine; you can be sure.

There is a heavy-gauge steel back plate that supplies higher burst strength to each filter. The premium nitrile rubber made gasket comes with special lubricity to reduce the torque during installing or removing the filter.

Like many other oil filters, it comes with anti-drain back valve too. The valve is made of silicone that is more effective than normal valves in both hot and cold oil temperatures.

All the parts of the filter are placed firmly and covered by strong outside shell. As a result, this filter ensures a good combination of durability and performance.


  • This oil filter has the ability to restrict contaminants up to 25 microns. This feature has made it super-efficient.
  • The silicon-made anti-drain back valve ensures better performance than common valves.


  • In some models, this filter provides low oil pressure than the needed. So, you need to be sure about the performance of it in your model.

Overall, the Royal Purple 17807 Oil Filter is a good one that comes with a promise of efficiency. You can take a look at it. Maybe, it’ll be able to convince you.

FRAM XG4967 Ultra Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter with Sure Grip

In the list of best oil filter for synthetic oil, you can’t ignore FRAM XG4967 Ultra Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter with Sure Grip at all. Coming from FRAM, this oil filter certainly can provide FRAM quality. Let’s see what it offers.

FRAM XG4967 Ultra Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter with Sure Grip

If you want to gain the best out of your synthetic oil, FRAM filter will help you in this matter. It is engineered to use with synthetic oil. So, you can keep trust on it.

This filter uses synthetic blend media to perform the filtration process. A metal screen supports it for even pleating, and durability. It also helps to maintain the natural oil flow without restricting it. So, your engine will receive the oil it needs.

The filter material of this filter makes it able to restrict small particles and contaminants to enter into the engine of your car. According to the manufacturer, it is able to trap and hold almost double contaminants comparing to the normal filters available in the market. This makes you sure that you don’t need to be tensed about oil contamination.

The built quality of this oil filter is great. The precision coil spring with reinforced glass fiber ensures the precise performance of the filter.

This FRAM oil filter also comes with an anti-drain back valve. This valve doesn’t allow the oil to come back once that is sent to the engine. This makes sure that your engine won’t face dry start. The anti-drain back filter is made of silicon. Thus it ensures more efficiency.

It comes with an anti-slip texture called SureGrip. This texture allows you to install or remove it easily. When you go to install or remove it, the texture doesn’t let it slip away from your hand. The internally lubricated gasket allows the easy removal.


  • It is able to restrict and hold almost two times contaminant particles comparing to other filters. It is a plus point for this filter.
  • SureGrip anti-slip feature makes it easy to install or remove the filter. Also, the internally lubricated gasket helps in easy removing.


  • This seems to be a bit pricey compared to other filters.

Overall, FRAM XG4967 Ultra Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter with Sure Grip is a good filter with some great advantages. It seems to be good and efficient to me. The rest is yours.

Motorcraft FL500S Oil Filter

Motorcraft FL500S Oil Filter can be a great choice if you need an oil filter for your vehicle. This oil filter is designed and engineered ensuring high quality. It can be used as the original equipment replacement filter for Ford vehicles.

Motorcraft FL500S Oil Filter

This oil filter saves your engine from contaminants by filtering out the dust, sands, carbon or other particles from the synthetic oil. You can put your faith in it and let it do its work.

The outside case of this oil filter is made of steel. It ensures strong fit of the internal parts. Besides, you can be sure about its précised fit to your vehicle. You can install it pretty quickly. Besides, removal is also easy. It is fluted which makes it easy to remove.

In order to save this from rust, paint is applied to the outer part. This increases durability to keep you tension free. Besides, it also restricts rust.

The filter media of this oil filter is efficient in dirt restricting. The increased dirt collecting capability captures engine harming particles more efficiently. Thus it promises good performance. It also ensures a regular flow of oil to the engine.

The pressure-relief valves make sure that the contaminated oil doesn’t go to the engine from where it is stored. Those valves also maintain the supply of the oil to the engine. No matter how hard the weather condition is, the valves don’t let the oil supply off. If the filter gets clogged, oil supply is ensured through these valves. So, you don’t need to worry about the oil supply to the engine at all.

Sometimes, the oil sent to the engine comes back for some reasons. To prevent this problem, like other filters, this one also has the anti-drain back valve. It ensures that the oil won’t come back.


  • The painted outer part prevents the attack of rust. Thus it remains safe and ensures leak free performance.
  • Pressure-relief valves are there to help to prevent contaminated oil from entering the engine. Besides, those ensure continuous flow to the engine too.


  • This filter is a bit heavy though the heaviness shows that it is well built.

Overall, you’ll see that Motorcraft FL500S Oil Filter is a good choice. I personally like it for the strong construction. Hope you’ll like this too.

The Best Oil Filter for Synthetic Oil: Editor’s Choice

All of these are my personal favorites at the time of choosing an oil filter. But, if I’m told to choose one, I’ll pick Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter as my first choice.

There are reasons for picking it as the first choice. The feature of holding contaminants of a quantity of up to 28 grams makes sure that it can restrict and hold contaminants for a long time.

This effective oil filter is not only able to hold more contaminants than others but also able to restrict contaminants more efficiently comparing to other filters found in the market. The advanced synthetic fiber blend media of the filter has made it such efficient.

Installing this filter is very much easy and quick. This has made me amazed.

Overall, to me, this is a premium oil filter with a great performance. So, I’ll keep it as my first choice in the list of oil filters for synthetic oil.

The Best Oil Filter for Synthetic Oil for Budget: Budget Buy

If I am told to pick up the best oil filter for the budget, definitely I’ll go for Motorcraft FL500S Oil Filter. The reason is, in spite of being cheaper than most other oil filters, this provides some great features. This has made it a great purchase for the budget.

This filter ensures great dirt collecting performance. Besides, it also ensures proper storage of contaminants that won’t allow contaminated oil to come back and enter the engine.

To me, the rust protection is another good side of it. The painted outer part ensures no rust. As a result, there is hardly any scope for oil leaking.

One downside of this filter is it is a bit heavy. But this can be ignored.

All these features are available in this filter which comes at a bit lower price than the others. So, you can point it as the best buy for the budget.

So, now you know some top picks in oil filter for synthetic oil. I hope you’ve found some oil filters from this list that have made you interested. The list is made by thoroughly checking some common oil filters available in the market. So, you can depend on the list when you are trying to choose a good oil filter for your vehicle.

Don’t forget to share your view with us after using these oil filters. If you have any personal preference, you can let us know in the comment section too.

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  1. I am an avid supporter of OEM products but in the case of oil filters I will not install OEM oil filters on any of my vehicles. Prior to 2018 every Honda vehicle manufactured came with Toyo Roki oil filters made in Japan. After 2016 Honda decided to use Honeywell filters rather than filtech. In my case I wanted to use an oil filter as close to the original that my vehicle came with from the factory. I have been using Bosch oil filters for the past two years and have noticed that my vehicles sounds alot more quiet when first started. I always hand tighten the oil filter and have no problem removing the filter during the next oil change.

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