Best Percussion Massagers – Editors Review | Pick Your Own

When you face muscle pain, a percussion massager can work for removing the pain by ensuring proper blood circulation and oxygen distribution. It also speeds up different tissue and muscle recovery processes. So, choosing the best percussion massager helps you a lot.

But among the hundreds of massagers available in the market, it is tough to pick up the best one. Isn’t it? Here in this article, you’ll find the best eight percussion massagers available in the market. Now, the task is easy for you. You have to choose one from only eight.

So, take a look over the reviews of our top eight choices and choose the best one for you.  

Best Percussion Massagers | Editors Review: Choose Yours

PURE WAVE CM-07 Percussion Massager

Purewave CM-07 is a patented percussion massager manufactured and distributed by PADO (Pado has three popular models of massager including cm7). Though it is a professional grade percussion massager, you can easily use it at home. This wave massager is used by professional physical therapists, sports trainers and chiropractors. So, if you choose this, it can be sure that you are using a massager that is trusted by the professionals.

CM-07 has come with dual motor design. As a result, you’ll get the percussion therapy or vibration massage in a more effective way than normal. With the influence of the dual motor, it can reach the optimum depth to heal your tissue properly.

The motors are designed in a way so that the vibration doesn’t attack your tissues. The micro vibration motors allow you to get a soothing facial massage without any pain or major problem in the face. It also allows you to enjoy the result of the massage to the fullest.

For the ease of self-massaging, Purewave CM-07 is made lightweight. So, you can easily move it here and there without facing hardships. Besides, it is cordless too. So, you can get rid of the irritating wire at the time of getting the massage. Overall, the cordless and lightweight design of this massager allows you to get a comfortable experience when you are using it at home.

It comes with six massage heads. Each of the heads is designed to use at different parts of your body. For example- you have to use the soft air cushion in the areas with more bones while the 6-head sticks should be used in the areas with more muscle. From the instruction manual, you’ll get to know the uses of all the heads. Besides, you’ll find videos made by the professionals on how to use CM-07.


  • The dual motor design ensures micro-vibration massage.
  • Massage sticks designed for different parts of the body ensures effective massage in each body parts.


  • Some users have faced issues with charger and charging.

Dual Motor Percussion + Vibration Therapy Massager (White) | Official Patented CM-07™ | Treat pain for back, sciatica, neck, leg, foot, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, arthritis, sports.

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue MassagerComing from Renpho, this is a great percussion massager with great design and performance. You can use this massager at home easily. It comes with a good and stylish look that will give you satisfaction when you’ll see it. It is made of high-quality ABS plastic. As a result, you’ll find that this massager is strong and durable.

It comes with a powerful motor that can provide 3600 pulses in a minute. This frequency has made the massager effective on your tissue. The motor is powered by a long-lasting 2600mAH Li-ion battery. The battery is rechargeable. Once fully charged, it can run for 140 minutes. So, you can carry it with you and use it wherever you want.

A simple 4-button control panel has made it easy to use. It contains on/off button to start or finish massaging, mode button to choose the mode and + and – button to control the vibration speed. It comes with a long handle that allows you to reach the tough-to-reach areas easily. With only 1.8 lbs weight, it allows you to use it without any help from others.

After continuous use of 20 minutes, it shuts off automatically to prevent overheating. So, after using 20 minutes continuously, you have to wait for a few minutes and let it cool down before using again.

It comes with five different massager heads. Different heads have different operations which are effective for different parts of your body. So, before using it, you have to read the user manual properly. It is provided by the manufacturer.


  • A speed of 3600 pulses per minute is a great feature.
  • 140-minute runtime on a full charge allows you to become tension free for a long time.
  • Automatic shut off feature ensures safe use.


  • May not be eligible for facial massage.
RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager

Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager for Muscles, Back, Foot, Neck, Shoulder, Leg, Calf Pain Relief - Cordless Electric Percussion Full Body Massage with Portable Design

Wahl 4290-2101 Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Wahl 4290-2101 Deep Tissue Percussion MassagerWahl offers a few percussion massagers. Among those, Wahl 4290-2101 is a great massager that allows you to experience a satisfactory massage on your own at home. It can provide a deep tissue massage with the help of its motor strength.

Wahl 4290-2101 comes with a powerful motor that allows it to ensure 3350 pulses per minute. With the help of the adjustable speed option, you can change the speed. When running at a low speed, it offers a gentle and soothing massage that focuses on relaxing the muscles. On the other hand, high speed ensures a deep massage for pain relief. The adjustment of speed doesn’t have any specific stoppage in between. Thus it allows you to get the exact speed you need.

The massager is featured with four different attachments for four different types of massage. The flat disc comes with an extra-wide surface to cover a large area at a time, the round shaped head ensures deep muscle massage, four finger head design gives you feel of finger tough, and the acupoint head ensures pinpoint relief.

The thing I have loved about the massager is the handle. The handle of the massager is designed in such a way so that you can put your fingers properly aligned. It ensures that you have grabbed the massager comfortably. Thus it reduces the chance of falling it from your hand.

The corded design may feel like a bund to you, but it is not actually. The 8-foot cord allows you to move it freely beside of ensuring maximum power.


  • The handle is specially designed for comfortable handling.
  • Four different attachments ensure four different types of massages.


  • It should provide a more soothing massage experience.
Wahl 4290-2101 Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Deep kneading therapeutic percussion massager helps relax and relieve muscle tightness or soreness. Sleek ergonomic design, makes it easy to use by just about anyone. The perfect gift.

NURSAL Handheld Deep Percussion Massager

NURSAL Handheld Deep Percussion MassagerThis model from Nursal is known as MD-999. It is designed and made in such a way so that you get a high-quality massage from the massager. It comes with a motor that provides 50-60 times vibration per second (3000-3600 pulses in a minute). Thus it provides précised and effective performance.

The massager is made for user satisfaction. The anti-slip handle of the massager allows you to hold it firmly and prevents slipping from the hand. So, you can control it easily by having a strong grip. It is a big massager that helps you to reach the parts where your hand or small massagers can’t reach easily. As a result, you can massage your neck, back, waist, leg or any other part of your body.

With the control panel situated at the handle of the massager, you can easily control the speed. It allows you to select the speed you prefer.  So, adjusting the speed, you can get the best result out of it. A click in a button will allow you to switch to the heat function. By providing précised and comfortable heat, it contributes to muscle relaxation and removing pain.

It comes with multiple functions like percussion massager, tissue massager, etc. Deep percussion massager relieves swelling and promotes blood circulation. On the other hand, deep tissue massager works for relieving muscle tension, increasing flexibility and eliminating fatigue.

For getting different massage experience, this massager comes with six different interchangeable nods. Each nod will provide different massage experience. So, buying this massager will allow you to get the feeling of six different types of massages. Those different nods can be used to massage any part of your body.

It comes with 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg) weight. So, it might be a bit tough for everyone to use it comfortably. But the anti-slip handle can help you a bit in this issue.


  • Multiple massaging functions give you multiple types of experience.
  • Additional heat function allows you to make the massage more effective.


  • The corded design might create some barrier to move.
NURSAL Handheld Deep Percussion Massager

6 Interchangeable Nodes Massager, NURSAL Handheld Deep Percussion Massager with Heat, Variable Speed Adjustment and Anti Slip Design

Percussion Back Massager with Heat – Electric Handheld Massager

Percussion Back Massager with HeatThis percussion massager from Mo Cuishle is a good massager with a long handle. The long handle of it will enable you to reach the parts of your body which are not so easy to reach. For grabbing it properly, the handle is prepared in a different design. It allows you to safely hold it and move it to different parts of your body. Besides, the handle is made anti-slip. As a result, there is not enough chance to drop it from the hand while using.

The massage head of it is suitable for any part of your body because of its streamlined design. As a result, you won’t have to change the head and pick different heads for different parts of your body. It saves your time and removes the need to change the massager heads. The main material of the massager head is silicone. Thus you’ll get a comfortable massage experience.

The frame of the massager is made of ABS plastic. As a result, it is durable and doesn’t break easily if it accidentally drops down from your hand. It has also made the massager environment-friendly.

The motor of it is made of pure copper. As a result, it is strong and capable of ensuring high power with variable speed. So, you can easily choose the comfortable speed from a wide range of speed limit. It will be beneficial especially for shoulder and neck massage. Besides, the pure copper has made the motor durable too.

It also offers a unique heating massage where it serves your tissues with a gentle heat. Heat allows making the massage more effective by entering into deep of your tissue.


  • Adding heat to the massage makes it more effective.
  • Durable plastic made and the soft gripped handle is specially designed for secure handling.


  • It needs to be used with wires on. So, you may have to struggle first few times.
Percussion Back Massager with Heat by Mo Cuishle

Electric Handheld Massager - Deep Tissue Massage for Back, Shoulder, Neck, Leg and Foot - Christmas Gift for Men, Women, Dad, Mom, Family - Relief Muscle Fatigue.

Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager

Naipo Handheld Percussion MassagerThe handheld percussion massager is offered to the market by Naipo. This massager is strong and durable as it is made of ABS plastic. The strong build quality and anti-slip grip will allow you to hold it firmly.

Not only the body but also the performance of this massager is durable. The performance is backed by a strong built-in motor. The core of the motor is made of pure copper. Besides of performance, it also ensures safety too. The motor is able to ensure 3800 pulses per minute. This is enough for effective massage of the tissues of the human body.

The motor is able to provide you with the speed of a various range. With the help of the rotary speed controller, you can adjust the speed whenever you want. As a result, you will always get comfortable massage experience in each part of your body.

To improve your experience, the massager offers an optional heating system. It allows you to send a little amount of heat to the tissues while massaging those. Heat aids the pain and tension relief process to be more effective. Thus the massager makes your experience more pleasant when you need it.

With the massager, you’ll get six different massaging nodes. Among those, three are made of silicone and three are prepared from ABS plastic. These six different nods will allow you to have the experience of different types of tissue massages. With the help of the nods, you can use the massager to massage each part of your body.

It comes with a weight of 1.2 kg. This can be a bit heavy for some users. But a using it a few times will help you to get used to the weight.


  • It ensures vibrations as high as 3800 pulses per minute.
  • Three pairs of different nods ensure different massage experience according to the need.


  • You might feel that the massager is a bit heavy.
Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager

Electric Back Massage with Heat and Deep Tissue Massaging for Muscle Pain Relief, 6 Interchangeable Nodes, Wide-Range Adjustable Speed.

HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat

HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with HeatWith a dual pivoting head design, this percussion massager from HoMedics can be your good friend to remove muscle tension and relax those. The dual pivot design allows you to cover a large area where most other massagers can’t cover this much large area at a time.  Being aided by the strong motor, each pivot can ensure 3100 pulses per minute.

The adjustable speed feature will allow you to choose from four different speed variations. Low speed will provide a gentle and soothing massage experience where high speed offers a deep tissue massage. You’ll find the speed controller in the body. It comes with extra interchangeable massager nods. By changing the nods, you can choose between soft or firm massage.  

It offers soothing heat with the massage. If you want to activate heat, you can do it by pressing the HEAT button. Pressing the button again will deactivate heating option. It offers additional heating option besides of massaging option because heat allows the effect of a massage to go deeper. As a result, muscle relaxation works better than normal and gives you a deeply relaxed muscle with a better feeling.

Handling the massager is very easy. The handle is made in a way so that holding it becomes easy. It comes with a rubber grip in the handle to ensure that you can hold the massager firmly at the time of using. The handle is long enough to help the massager head to touch the places where it is tough to reach.

The 2.5 lbs weight might create a bit uncomfortable situation for some users. But using a few times will make it comfortable to use, I think.


  • It offers additional heat feature to get you a better result.
  • Two heads ensure focusing on a large area at a time.


  • Vibration control is restricted in four modes
HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat

Adjustable Intensity, Dual Pivoting Heads | 2 Sets Interchangeable Nodes, Heated Muscle Kneading for Back, Shoulders, Feet, Legs, & Neck.

VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Massager

VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld MassagerFrom Viktor Jurgen, this is one of the most powerful massagers among the massagers with a double head. With a dog head design and powerful motor, this is a great massager that helps you to get rid of muscle pain and additional problems.

This massager is featured with a powerful motor. The motor is built by 100% pure copper. As a result, it can ensure a huge power. A single piece of this motor can ensure 3350 pulses per minute in both heads. So, you are basically getting 6700 pulses per minute. Thus, the pain relief process becomes more effective than using regular massagers.

You can adjust the speed whenever you need. The adjustable speed feature allows you to control the speed to manage the intensity of the massage. Instead of giving a few speed options, it allows you to adjust the speed as per your need. Thus you can choose a different intensity level of the message. Additional three sets of massage heads allow you to bring variation in healing pain and muscle tension.

This massager is made for user comfort. Not only the performance but also the design says so. The dog head design has made it easy to reach different parts of your body. For firm grip, it comes with a non-slip grip. It allows you to hold the massager for a long time. The grip is comfortable enough so that you can hold it for a long time.

You may think that the corded design will make it tough to move it freely to different parts of your body. But it comes with a 71-inch long cord to give you the freedom to move the massager as much as possible.


  • The 71-inch long cord ensures free movement of the massager.
  • Two heads focus on a large area to reduce pain at a time.


  • It is a bit heavy to get used to the weight at the first use.
VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager

Double Head Electric Full Body Massager - Deep Tissue Percussion Massage for Muscles, Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Leg, Foot...

The Best Percussion Massager : Editors Pick

best percussion massagerIf you ask me to pick the best one according to my opinion, I’ll choose PUREWAVE™ CM-07. I have some reasons behind it. The first thing I have loved about it is the dual motor feature. This allows the massager to ensure micro-vibration. Which means you can use it on your face too without being afraid that the vibration will throw a punch.

I like the option of six different massage heads. It says that the massager is master of massaging every part of your body. Depending on the characteristics of the tissues, you can change the heads to massage each part of your body.

The cordless design has also attracted me. This massager is used by the professionals. This has influenced me to pick it up as the best one.

Comparative analysis of the best three Percussion Massagers

Besides of choosing the best, we have made a list of top three. A comparison among the top 3 percussion massagers is given below.

CriteriaPUREWAVE™ CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion + Vibration Therapy MassagerRENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue MassagerVIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Massager 
Pulse per Minute (PPM) 1,500 rpm – 3,700 rpmup to 3600 rpm3350 rpm
CordCordlessCordlessCorded (71-inch cord)
Facial massager motor 7.2V, DC, 11,000 rpm——-——-
Weight1.8 lbs1.8 lbs3.45 lbs
MotorDual motorPowerful single motor100% copper motor
Massager HeadsSix different headsFive different headsThree different pairs of heads
Charge Time/Use Duration: 120 min charge lasting a week (20-30 min use a day)Battery lasts up to 140 minutes on a full charge.N/A

Wrapping Up

Having the best percussion massager allows you to get faster recovery from muscle soreness, at home or office or anywhere. So, you have to choose wisely.

The reviews given above will help you to know the details of the percussion massagers. Thus you can easily pick the one that suits you the most. So, carefully go through the reviews and choose the best one for you.

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