Big Joe lux imperial lounger review

Last Updated on February 8, 2021

Unfortunately, most of us get carried by the beautiful and elegant appearance of items and overlook more essential features,  especially when purchasing for our family rooms. Do I mean you don’t need to consider an item that gives your apartments an eye-appealing appearance? Not at all.

Though, let’s flip the coin and have a view of the other side. How would you feel after getting an item that wouldn’t even last for a month, not to talk of a year only because you only considered the appearance?

This is my point-

As much as good looks are vital for a home item, a durable and comfort-promising product will leave you grateful forever.

I fully recognize how sticky it is to get an item that combines those two rare features, and that is why I am providing the big Joe imperial lounger review.

It is rated to be among the elegantly crafted home products that meet longevity and comfort.


  • Fuf foam filling which takes ages to shrink
  • Its fabric withstands tear and wear
  • A very luxurious cover
  • Its grey color makes it compliment most if not all decors
  • The cover is removable for washing


  • The cover is not removable

Features of Joe Lux imperial longer review

Fuf foam filling

Have you ever wondered why lounger chairs tend to shrink after some time? It all depends on the filling of the lounge chair has. That is to say, there is a particular type of filling that will foresee the lounge chair remain raised for a more extended period.

For-instance, a lounge chair with a foam filling is always a go-for because it tends forever to shrink, and you have only to toss the chair to restore its glory.

Considering that this chair has foam filling, be sure it will never go flat, and by a simple toss, it will regain its shape.


Lounge chairs, especially in living rooms, face intense friction and frequent movements, which leaves them on the verge of fast wasting. Though, considering a sturdy constructing fabric will change the story to a better one.

May be unsurprising, this lounge chair has a polyester material. Why is it a thing to fascinate on?

The polyester material is known to withstand the roughest conditions. That means this product will last longer.

Beyond that, the cover also doesn’t lag. It is of super-strong fabric to enhance longevity.

Dirt-resistant cover

Considering that this chair’s cover isn’t removable, it is likely to be a hell of work to clean and get it dry. For drying only, it wouldn’t take less than a day. Well, that could be a turn-off, but the manufacturer placed his cards well.

This item has a dirt-resistant and stain-resistant cover. Hence, it will not need frequent cleanings.

In addition, its cover is super soft, to promise both ease when cleaning and a luxurious feeling when sitting on it.


With this chair, it is goodbye to the back and arm strains. Writer, you better be serious… well, I am not kidding.

This is it-

The lounge chair has a conformable design. Consequently, it will conform to your sitting posture to provide the needed back support.

Likewise, its design is slightly raised on the back and sides to give an armrest. So true! You got a place to rest your hands.

Benefits you get when using this lounger

The crafting of this lounge chair is an epitome of an item you should pay for.

Unlike other lounge chairs, which go flat in a few days, it stays forever raised, and by a simple tossing, you can get it to its shape. That is because it has a fuf-foam filling.

Yet, if you will be regularly using or moving around with it, you got nothing to fear about. Why? First, it is super light for easy movements. And more essentially, it is of the most solid fabrics to withstand any life-threatening conditions.

Similarly, you will be sitting on an item that says-no to muscle strains, thus a goodbye to body aches due to a bad sitting posture. It is a conformable chair that effortlessly conforms to your sitting posture. Besides, it is lightly raised to support your back as well as provide an armrest.

Frequently asked questions

Q; can I use it in my bedroom?

A; considering the ergonomic design of this item, which results in a small floor area coverage, I don’t find any limitations for it not to be used in the bedroom.

Q; how can I raise it after it becomes flat?

A; by merely tossing the lounge chair. It is filled with fuf foam, making it take forever before becoming flat and, more importantly, regain its glory after a simple tossing.

Q; does it give back support?

A; it has a slightly raised design on the back to give the back support. Still, it extends to provide a surface to rest your arm. Even better, it will conform to your sitting position, which significantly helps to avoid muscle strains

Final Remarks

Regarding the crafting design of the big joe lounger chair, it is an item worth your attention.

For instance, look at its conformable design. That makes it comfy and more essentially says no to back pains.

What of the soft, strong cover? It promises longevity as well as a luxurious feeling when sitting on it.

This item will also turn your bedroom or living room into a palace due to the foam and the polyester fabric. It will not flatten any time soon, while the polyester gives it an elegant appearance.

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