Cordaroys Chenille bean bag chair review

Last Updated on February 8, 2021

Back pain is the leading reason why most people visit hospitals, and worse, the leading cause of disability.

Unfortunately, the leading cause of back pain is our negligence, how you’d wonder.

The main of them all is adopting the wrong sitting or sleeping posture. That is mostly attributed to having mediocre crafted chairs, which results to back muscle strain.

Is there a solution?

Fortunately, there is. Ensure that you don’t purchase an anyhow-ly crafted chair or a bean bag chair. For that reason, I would remarkably recommend to you the Cordaroys chenille ben bag chair, which is among the most authentic and expert crafted items that promise your back muscles’ safety.

What’s the magic behind its crafting? I am explaining everything in detail, so you better stick with me and promise the safety of your back.


  • Its fabric  is anti-tear and anti-wear to last longer
  • A round shape that takes only a small surface area
  • Versatile item that can be used as a bed or chair
  • Fold very easily
  • Foam filling gives a soft texture and longevity


  • The foam takes quite some time to expand fully

Features of the cordaroys chenille bean bag

A bed and chair

One of the key reasons why this item will forever be the homeowner’s favorite is its versatility. It incorporates the most versatile design, making it possible to convert the bean bag from a bed to a chair in a second. Consequently, besides using it in your living room, it will provide relief if an extra bed lacks for the visitors.

Addedly, the conversion will take place in less than 3 minutes. How can I guarantee that?

There is a safe-lock zipper which unzips in a strain less manner.  After unzipping, simply remove the cover and flip the inner cushion for it to spread evenly. So simple.

Polyester and microfiber crafting

It is not a secret that you are looking for a durable material. Well, who can risk getting a flimsy product after all the struggle to match the needed budget?

The critical determinant of durability in bag chairs is their fabrics. Ideally, the material should withstand the due frictions and the likely tear and wear.

Without saying much, I find the manufacturer of this item guiltless when it comes to assuring this product’s longevity.

First, he has used the polyester material, which undeniably, will last longer despite frequent usage. Hence, you can confidently purchase it for your living room,

Still, this incredible product has a microfiber surface that serves two purposes. One of them is to enhance this product’s longevity and give the surface of your bed a luxurious touch.

Charcoal color

Have you spent a lot on the décor of your apartment and not ready to compromise on it?

A single item that doesn’t compliment the apartment’s décor, especially in the living room, may ruin the good work. Thus, I would recommend this item, which is likely to complement your already existing decor.

Writer, you must be joking, you haven’t been to my apartment. I am very much cognizant of that.

This product has a charcoal blackish color.  Such colors match with any other color. Successively, the bean bag chair and bed will be an excellent complement to your house.

Soft, washable cover

Can I be honest with you for a second? I am a great lover of bean bag chairs, but when it comes to cleaning them, I am worst at it. I am not that lazy, though!

The ease of cleaning this bag fully convinced me to get it for my apartment. Let me explain!

Do you remember the plush microfiber fabric of this item? Well, it doesn’t give it only soft touch but also a lighter weight for ease during hand washing.

To top it off?

This product is machine safe. Meaning, you can use your washer machine or dryer to get it clean and dry in no time.

Benefits you get when using this bean bag chair

Thankfully, the manufacture of this product has done an excellent job. First, this product guarantees to last for ages.

Coupling the microfiber and polyester fabrics, you can’t expect less than taking ages before wasting. Yet, the wise selection of crafting materials gives its surface a very luxurious touch.

The best part?

It is a versatile item that converts from a bed to a chair in a snap of a second.  Lastly, due to its charcoal color, it will not compromise on the decor of your house.

Frequently asked questions

Q; what are the dimensions of this bean bag chair?

A; this bean bag chair has a length of 42 inches, 42 inches in width, and a height of 32 inches. Similarly, it weighs only 36 pounds, and the chair assumes a round shape.

Q; how many occupants can it hold?

A; due to its width of 42 inches and comfort reasons, this chair is ideal for a single adult. When converted to a bed, its dimensions are 54″ by 75″ by 8″, which is perfect for one adult.

Q; does it come with a bead insert?

A; correct! It comes with a bed insert and even a chair cover

Final Remarks

I can’t emphasize enough how back pains are painful. Regrettably, some are self-imposed. Self-imposed? Absolutely, what would we call it if you are sitting on a poorly designed chair or sleeping on a flimsy mattress?

For the wise people and who have discovered what the cordaroys chenille bean bag has to offer, they are not ready to let it go out of their house.

It is the best remedy if you love your back or if the back pains are creeping in. Beyond all that, this item promises ultimate comfort, durability, and a better décor for your house.

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