Gift Ideas for Your Kids | Both For Boys & Girls

Kids love to get gifts. But sometimes we get confused about what to give them as a gift. Dolls for girls and cars for boys- this is the common concept of gifts for kids. But there is some really crazy stuff that is not too common as a gift but can satisfy kids very well.

Here I am going to introduce some crazy items that will make the kids happy. Let’s start.

Gift Items List – kids will love

Play Tent

Play tent is a kind of tent can be pumped by air. Children can jump, play and have fun with it. Unlike normal tents, it comes in different shapes and prints on it. The shape and pictures attract children.

Ply tents can be placed in both indoor and outdoor. So, presenting your kids a play tent will make them surprised and happy.

3D Pen

If your kid loves drawing, present him/her a 3D pen. No gift will make them happier than one of it. They will love to see their paintings taking shapes immediately.

A creative mind can produce some showpieces with the help of this. So, on the next birthday, give your kids a 3D pen as a gift. Don’t forget to buy them plastic filaments too.

RC cars

When a normal car is a common gift item for boys, you can go a bit different by presenting an RC car. RC car means a Radio-Controlled car which can be controlled from a distance with the help of a controller.

Your kid will definitely be happy seeing that he can control the car without even touching it.

GO Kart

Go-Kart is a four-wheeled vehicle which is very enjoyable to kids as well as people of all ages. Imagine how happy your kid will be seeing that he can drive a car instead of playing with it. This is crazy. So, give a thought about it.

Kinetic Sand

When at home, you won’t allow your kids to play with sand, right? But I suggest you present kinetic sand to your kids. This sand is squeezable and can be turned into any shape.

Imagine that your kids are playing happily with sands and the floor is not being dirty at all. It’s great.

Giant Bowling Game

Playing giant bowling game is more fun than the normal bowling game, especially for kids. So, if you are thinking of giving something crazy, buy a giant bowling game. This will surely add extra fun to his playtime.

Toy Storage

Are you continuously giving toys as a gift to your children? Maybe it’s time to present toy storage to your child. This is a shelf-type thing where your kids can store the toys after playing. It will help them to find their toys easily.

Bath-time Toys

In most of the cases, children don’t want to take baths. Bath-time toys can make them interested in taking a bath while playing, from your viewpoint, playing when bathing. However, starting from a rubber duck, you’ll find a lot of bath-time toys that will attract your kids.


If you want your kids to be happy and grow up healthy at the same time, the bicycle should be in the list of gifts for them. Riding on a bicycle will allow your kid to grow strong and healthy. Besides, it’ll also ensure fun.

Kids also find it crazy to move on a bicycle. So, spend some money on buying a bicycle for your kid won’t be a bad idea at all.


To grow the interest in going to school in your kids, you can present them interesting backpacks. You’ll see some backpacks come to the market with thousands of designs. Those designs are to attract kids.

I don’t think your kid will be unhappy getting a jet plane-alike backpack.

There are many things to present kids. All you need to search thoroughly and know what types of toys they like. My suggestions above will help you to take a decision quickly. But if you have time, do some research, and you’ll surely find many other crazy gift items for kids.

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