Best RC Car Under 50

RC (Radio Controlled) cars have been a popular children’s accessory since it’s inception in the ‘60s, but in recent years, the recreational use of these small miniature vehicles has branched out to other demographics other than the usual 5-year-olds. People from all age groups are exploring the RC scene as a new hobby, and the number of RC admirers is increasing day by day. If you are a new RC enthusiast looking to try your hand at a decent but cost-efficient model are just looking to buy a surprise gift for your kid on a budget, feel free to check our list of fast RC cars under $50 where we have highlighted the best budget RC cars available in the market.

Fast RC Cars Under $50

Top 10 Fast RC Cars Under $50

Karting RC Car BG1503: Remote Control Car

We will start off our fast RC cars under $50 review with Subotech BG1503; a nice looking, easily operable car that also goes light on your pockets. The car body is made of imported high durable materials and put together with dozens of screws for superior stability and build.

Karting RC Car BG1503

The vehicle comes with four antiskid PVC rubber wheels for driving compatibility in multiple terrains. The suspension springs installed in each wheel ensures flexible and smooth operation. The suspension springs also insulate the car’s electronic components from external shocks in bumpy terrains.

The remote has a 165 feet range and asserts fantastic four direction control over the vehicle. You can easily navigate the car and change speeds with the remote with precise accuracy.


  • Wheels are supported by suspension springs for superior control, flexibility and build.
  • Professional 2.4 GHz transmitter with remarkable anti-jamming ability.
  • Capable of running on multiple terrains including grass, sand and marshy land.
  • Can be operated smoothly through remote control from as far as 50 meters.
  • Shockproof and anti-skid properties for better performance in rugged terrains.
  • Impressive battery run time of 20 minutes from 4 fully charged AA size batteries.


  • Even though it’s designed for multi-terrain use, its small build makes us skeptical on its competence with rugged environments.

The batteries usually take 2 and a half hour to charge. It has a maximum runtime of 20 minutes.

Remote Control RC Car BG1503

Remote Control Car Off Road 2.4GHz Karting RC Car BG1503 High Speed Racing 1:16 Scale 2.4GHz 50M Fast Rock Off Road Car with Light

SJ211 Red RC CAR: Radio Remote Control Racing Car

The next item in our fast RC cars under $50 list is SZJJX SJ211; a lightweight, compact model which is capable of delivering much more than the impression it makes upon seeing it for the first time. Let us start off with its performance; SJ211 is capable of reaching up to 25 kilometers of speed per hour, making it one of the fastest budget RC cars on the market.

SJ211 Red RC CAR


Another great thing about this model is its immunity to water; that’s right-this model is waterproof! So, no need to take a sharp turn if you face a small puddle along the racetrack, you can just drive through it!

SJ 211 also boasts a splendid build quality with a PVC build exterior and shockproof design combined with its high friction, skid resistant wheels. All things considered, this model is a perfect choice for outdoor RC racing.


  • Strong horsepower motor, allowing speed up to 25 km/hour.
  • Operates on multiple terrains including rocky and sandy trails.
  • Waterproof; capable of running through puddles and withstanding water splashes.
  • Runs on a 3.7V 500mAH battery but can be alternatively powered by one AA battery.
  • Shockproof, antiskid properties for rugged terrain compatibility.
  • Lightweight weighs only 1.7 pounds.
  • Shockproof, antiskid properties for rugged terrain compatibility.


  • Steering mechanism is not satisfactory.
  • Charging adapter is not included.

No. You can change the speed manually by pushing up or down the remote control wheel. Upwards movement causes a surge in speed while a downward movement slows it down.

8.66×5.51×2.95 inches.

SZJJX RC Car - SJ211 Red

SZJJX RC Cars Rock Off-Road Vehicle Crawler Truck 2.4Ghz 2WD High Speed 1:20 Radio Remote Control Racing Cars Electric Fast Race Buggy Hobby Car SJ211 Red

Rabing RC Car 1/24 Scale

For our next item in the fast RC cars under $50 list, we would discuss another lightweight, PVC made RC car made by Rabing. It has independent suspension springs, shockproof function, and a sturdy design-all the things you would look for in a fast RC car. This car is quite a lightweight one, but it’s been built to last and is rated to reach 15km/h at top speed.

Rabing RC Car

This 1/24 scale 2WD RC car has been designed to take on a wide range of vehicles. With a decent range of 50 meters and responsive controls, the 2.4GHz transmitter offers a marvelous RC driving experience.


  • Designed for multi-terrain operations including grass, sandy and rocky trails.
  • Independent spring suspensions account for swift, flexible movement.
  • Impressive control range of 50 meters.
  • Lightweight; weighs only 1.45 pounds.


  • Requires a total of 6 AA sized batteries (4 for the car, 2 for the controller).

Yes, the speed can be controlled by the throttle on the remote.

Even though the car has been designed for multi-terrain driving, it is not much comfortable moving on snowy surfaces.

The controllers have the anti-jamming technology. So, you can easily operate the car alongside other cars without having to worry about signal interferences.

Rabing RC Car

Rabing RC Car 1/24 Scale 15km/h Radio Controlled Electric Vehicle 2WD Off-road for Kids

Prextex R/C Police Car and Race Car

The next item in our fast cars under $50 list is more children oriented than our previously discussed items. Prextex’s RC police car and racing cars are a great pick for introducing your kids to RC toys.

Prextex RC Police Car and Race Car

This pack features two types of cars; one of them is a racing car, and the other one is a police patrol car, and both of them have their respective action figure drivers in the form of two race car drivers and two police officers. The action figures are removable so you can easily remove them from the car whenever you want. The cars mimic the sounds of actual police siren and horns, offering a touch of realism.

Overall, we really loved this as a toy and feel this is precisely what is expected of a young child who is learning how to control a remote control car.


  • Realistic sound effects of police sirens and raving race car engines.
  • Operates smoothly on carpet and tiles.
  • Comes with two pieces so it could be easily shared with a friend or a parent.
  • The cars are controlled by different frequency transmitters so that they could be operated smoothly at the same time.
  • Made of high-quality plastic material cleared of any potential health hazards.


  • Battery endurance not satisfactory.
  • Requires 16 AA size batteries ( 4 for each vehicle and 4 for each controller).
  • No speed control.

No. These cars are only capable of forward and backward movement.

Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car

Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car Radio Control Toys for Kids- Each with Different Frequencies So Both Can Race Together

SGILE High-Speed Drifting Race Car

We are halfway through our fast RC cars under $50 list, and now we would be focusing on a model that borders our $50 budget. This RC car made by SGILE would amaze you with its blazing fast speed as it could clock up to a max of 18.6 miles per hour (almost 30km/h). The car embodies a four-wheel drive that accounts for superior traction, instant turning, and effortless acceleration.

SGILE Fast Off-Road Electric Radio Rechargeable Remote Control Furious Car

This car also operates on a 2.4GHz frequency band with an unbelievable operating range of 262 feet (almost 80 meters). It has been designed to bounce off signals from nearby electronic devices so that you can have uninterrupted control over your vehicle. The pistol grip controller is quite self-explanatory; enabling new users to get the hang of the device instantly. The controller has a steering wheel and accelerator trigger for agile directional and kinetic changes.


  • Build with premium PVR painted shell, compound tread tires, and off-road chassis for better durability and rugged environment compatibility.
  • Professional 2.4 GHz transmitter which can control the car from as far as 262 feet (80 meters approx.).
  • Convenient USB charging.
  • Pistol grip controller with dedicated accelerator trigger and steering wheel for easier navigation and speed control.
  • Capable of hitting 18.6 miles per hour speed.
  • Capable of wall climbing.


  • Generates too much noise especially in wall climbing mode. No volume control.

Works best on smooth surface walls. Not much effective on textured walls.

Follow these steps to operate 2 or 3 cars simultaneously:

Step 1: Set first remote to channel “A,” turn it on and start car one.

Step 2: Set second remote to channel “B,” then turn it on and start car two.

Step 3: Set third remote to channel “C,” then turn it on and start car three.

SGILE High Speed Drifting Race Car

Toy for Kids Birthday Gift Present, Fast Off-Road Electric Radio Rechargeable Remote Control Furious Car for All Terrain for Kids Adults.

EpochAir Remote Control Car

Next up in our fast cars under $50 list is EpochAir RC car which packs a stronger punch regarding performance compared to other models belonging to the same price bracket. Thanks to the air suction set and white protection strip underneath the car, it can create a substantial absorption force so that it could fight the gravity and climb vertical planes. Bottom line, this is a wall climbing RC car.

EpochAir Remote Control CarThe car can also perform swift angular turns and complete a 360-degree rotation both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Press and hold on the direction keys to the right for a clockwise rotation and conversely, press and hold on the direction keys to the left for anti-clockwise rotation.

The charging cable of the car has a built-in illuminating notification system to report the car’s power status to the user. Bright light indicates a severe shortage of power, as the car battery recharges the lights get dimmer and eventually it disappears when the battery is fully charged.


  • Comes with three adjustable gears. Capable of wall climbing.
  • Infra-red remote control.
  • Bright headlights with effective motion sensors.
  • Convenient USB charging system. The charging cable changes color to indicate the different phase of charging.
  • ABS plastic build. No toxic materials have been used.
  • Capable of wall climbing.


  • The controller needs 6 AA size batteries.
  • Flimsy exterior.
  • Too small in size. (About 5 inches)

To play two or three cars at the same time, you need to decode the cars in order.

1. Make sure all the cars and remote controllers are at “off” status;

2. Set one remote controller to a channel like A and then turn on the remote controller;

3. Switch the car on.

4. Set another remote controller to B channel and open the remote controller.

5. Turn on the car.


Procedures for decoding:

  1. Set the car channel; 2. Open the remote controller; 3. Turn on the car.

No. It does not leave marks on walls or ceilings.

EpochAir Remote Control Car

Kid Toys for Boys Girls, Dual Mode 360°Rotating Stunt Wall Climbing Car with Remote Control, Head and Rear LED Lights, Intelligent Glowing USB Cable


A high duty rock crawler from TOYEN comes next in our fast RC cars under $50 list. The 4WD vehicle is made of high-quality raw materials which provide a muscular mainframe complemented by top-notch PVC tires. The tires are elastic and adjustable, making them ideal for rough terrain driving. The independent spring suspensions also give added stability to the car and shield it from outside shocks.

TOYEN GordVEOn top of that, the car comes with a powerful motor that facilitates its fluid movement through difficult terrains.  You can control this four-wheeler with a 100m range 2.4 GHz transmitter.


  • Heavy duty design. Made for operating in multiple terrains.
  • Professional 2.4 GHz radio transmitter with a 100m control radius.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Nontoxic ABS plastic has been used to make the exterior.
  • Excellent climbing performance.


  • Battery takes 2/3 hours to charge but lasts only 15/20 minutes.

It can run as fast as 25km/h.

No, you don’t have to make any extra arrangements for operating two cars in proximity. There are no chances of signal interference.

You can’t drive through a puddle with it, but minor splashes are fine.


GordVE RC Car High Speed 20km/h 1:18 4WD Electric Power Truck 2.4GHz Radio Remote Control Off Road Vehicle.

KidiRace RC Remote Control Fire Engine Truck

KidiRace is one of the most acclaimed RC cars manufacturers and at number 8 of our fast RC cars under $50 list we have managed to sneak in a KidiRace product within our price ceiling. The model in question is a fire engine replica with exclusive features mainly appealing towards younger users. We are talking about the straightforward controls and realistic imitations of fire truck lights and sounds, giving you the impression of driving an actual fire truck.

KidiRace RC Remote Control Fire Engine TruckThis model stands out from the other models we have discussed thus far regarding battery performance. Once fully charged, this truck is good to go for 30 minutes of playtime. The build and components used are excellent, allowing you to perform some neat tricks with this model.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Controllable through 2.4GHz transmitters. You can race up to 6 cars without any interference.
  • Flexible movement.
  • Convenient USB charging system.
  • Extended playtime of 30 minutes.
  • Realistic light and sound effects.
  • 100% money back guarantee.


  • Takes 4 hours to charge the battery fully.
  • Remotes need to be synced with the vehicle prior using.

No, the battery would definitely wear out after 30 minutes.

KidiRace RC Remote Control Car

KidiRace RC Remote Control Fire Engine Truck, Rechargeable RC Car, Durable, Easy To Control

KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car for Kids

The penultimate inclusion in our fast 10 RC cars under $50 list also features a KidiRace model; this one’s a police car. The features are quite similar to the fire engine replica we have just discussed, but the notable difference comes at the price as this model boasts a much cheaper price tag.

KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car for KidsBased on what we have seen, this car is an excellent value for money. It can reach up to 10 miles per hour speed at top gear, the controls are as simple as ABC and can be mastered by all. The lights and sounds are quite lifelike, which adds to its unique experience.


    • Controllable through 2.4GHz transmitters. You can race up to 5 cars without any interference.
    • Convenient USB charging system.
    • Realistic light and sound effects.


  • 100% money back guarantee.



  • Remotes need to be synced with the vehicle before using.
  • Battery takes too much time to recharge fully.

No, you cant. It’s fixed as high as it can. You can on or off it.

Contact the seller, they can help you to replace it.

KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car

KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car for Kids, Rechargeable, Durable and Easy to Control

KidiRace RC Rock Crawler

We are down to the final item in our fast RC cars under $50 list and surprise, surprise-it’s another KidiRace model! KidiRace RC cars have blown us away with their sturdy builds, stunning maneuverability and interesting design; KidiRace RC Rock Crawler has not been an exception either. Fuelled by 3 powerful motors, this model is capable of tackling the most adverse terrains you would come across; gravel, mud, rocks and soft sand-whichever comes in your way, this car won’t disappoint you!

KidiRace RC Rock CrawlerKidiRace’s signature touch of realistic headlights and brake lights are also evident in this model. The battery performance is also satisfactory, but it runs 10 minutes less than the KidiRace models we had discussed earlier. Still, this is an excellent RC car to buy.


  • 3 powerful engines to effortlessly propel the car through difficult terrains.
  • Heavy duty body construction and rubber tires.
  • Impressive battery backup for 20 minutes.


  • Ridiculously lengthy charging period.
  • Relatively low top speed.

Approximately 9 miles per hour (14.48 kilometers per hour).

KidiRace Remote Control Car RC Rock Crawler

KidiRace Remote Control Car RC Rock Crawler - All Terrain- With 3 Powerful Motors -Off Road Race Car

Editor's Pick

BEST Product: KidiRace RC Rock Crawler
According to our judgment, Kidirace RC Rock Crawler betters every other RC car models priced below $50. With 4 WD design and three powerful motors, this model harnesses a vast range of potential recreational uses. Basically, it can cruise through any terrains like sand, mud, rocks, etc.

No matter how rugged the terrain is, KidiRace RockCrawler has got you covered. Is it just the engines? Necessarily not! The high duty rubber tires, shock absorbing wheel suspensions and crush resistant ABS plastic built exterior also has an important say in this. Even though it’s not the fastest model in our consideration but its unrivaled superiority on other traits make it our likeliest preference.

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Runner Up Product: SGILE
The need for speed prompts us to pick SGILE’s RC car as our second best pick, overlooking some other very viable candidates. The car’s highest speed is recorded at 18.6 miles per hour which almost matches 30 in kilometer scale.

Besides incredible speed, SGILE also offers fantastic durability and multi-terrain accessibility being built with premium quality PVR painted shell and durable tire treads. Another aspect we would like to highlight in this model is the incredible control range of its 2.4 GHz transmitter. Its range extends up to a whopping 262 feets (almost 80 meters), which is much more than any other models we have discussed.

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The Budget Option: SZJJX SJ211
SJJX SJ211 is not the cheapest model we have discussed here, but it is the most efficient one on our list that won’t take a substantial toll on your wallet. You are getting much more value than the amount you are paying for! It’s very fast (up to 25 kmh), has a decent build, runs on challenging terrains, and it trumps all other models we have discussed here in one aspect-it’s water resistant! SJJX SJ211 is an absolute bargain, to say the least!

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Hope you have enjoyed our fast RC cars under $50 review. Whilst speed was an essential factor; we have also factored in the other necessary facts to make sure you get the best options in the market sorted out for you. Please, leave your feedback in the comment section and let us know what you thought of the article. And don’t forget to share with your friends.

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