Hot Logic Mini Review – Best Personal Portable Oven

Last Updated on December 15, 2020

Think, what happens to your meals when you’re out for a vacation or tour?

Well, in most cases, you take the foods from a menu of nearby restaurants. But as a health-concerned person, I consider this food as sodium bombs.

Except for a few odds, most of them have hidden health issues that would affect your health in one way or another.

But if you want a healthy food served fresh, there are solutions. Yes! we’re talking about one of the best portable ovens of the market. It’s from the brand Hot Logic, and we’ve gone through every detail.

Keeping the whole hot logic mini review in mind, I would call it one of the best mini portable ovens in the industry. Go through the features, and you will figure them out yourself .

Hot Logic Mini Personal Portable Oven

After our team’s week-long research on this product, we’ve found a number of extraordinary features and some combinations of them. As an example, it’s low cost, its energy efficient; it’s easy to clean, it can house containers of many sizes and so on. In the rest of the article, we’ll break down the sole features of the mini oven.

The Hot Logic Min is a portable oven that would help you not only to warm foods but also to cook it fresh. If you’ve not with such product before, no need to worry at all. It’s made to be completely dummy-friendly. All you have to do is to put the box in the oven and plug it on. It will save the food from burning or overheating itself. So, you are only in charge of serving healthy, fresh food.

To get a perfect serving temperature, most of the foods are required to be warm for one hour. This may seem quite long for an oven. But remember that it’s a portable item, and it doesn’t have that much of electronics to act as a home oven. So, you can calculate the time when you need the food and put it in the over one hour before it.

Like an indoor kitchen oven, you don’t have to deal with buttons and controls. Hot logic mini will take care of itself. You can concentrate on whatever you’re doing, and after one hour, you’ll get a freshly served hot food. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Hot Logic Mini Review


Get a Source of Fresh Food Wherever You Go

As we’ve already told many times, the best thing about the Hot logic mini is its portability. It’s so compact and round in size that you can consider it as just another traveling utility. Its weight is just 1.45 pounds, and the entire body is measured as only 6.8 inches x 8.8 inches x 2.5 inches.

A Slow Cooking Oven in A Positive Way

In the home, sometimes you may need to have a rice bowl warm in only 1-2 minutes. But that’s just when you’re home. With a portable oven at a job site, you can’t expect it to warm food so fast.

And in fact, there are a couple of benefits of being a slow cooker. First of all, the chance of being overcooked or overheated is almost zero percent. So, if you have other works to do, that won’t turn the food into crap. Hot logic mini takes approximately one hour to cook food, and that seems perfect for outdoor.
Also, sometimes, you have to reheat the foods. And in that case, a high-temperature cooker with fast temperature rise will most probably ruin the entire meal inside. So, being a slow cooker is a good thing in that sense as well.

A Good Housing Space Inside

As this product has a word ‘Mini’ with it, you may ask that how much of food can it deal with? Well, the amount of food isn’t that much high as like as an indoor oven. But for outdoor, if you get food for 2-4 persons at a time, that would be perfect, right?

This mini oven from Hot Logic can accommodate food containers up to a dimension of 8.75” width 6.75” of length x 2.5” of height. I think that’s perfect for a family vacation or a lunch hour of a small office.

Maximum Heat Retention

As mentioned once, the heating rate of a mini oven isn’t that much high. But Hot Logic the brand has done something exceptional here to preserve the heat it generates. There is a firm coating of aluminum lining that would reflect the heat waves towards inside. Such a setup is proved to give the maximum duration of the food that’s inside. You can recall the para inside a water flux and that would give you an idea of how this aluminum shield works.

Ready to House Any Type of Food Containers

While you’re about to leave for a day-long tour or a family pack, you love to take the homemade food with you. And to keep the food hot while serving, a portable mini oven is a must. And that’s why we’re doing this hot logic mini review.

But what about the size of the container? What if it doesn’t fit inside the mini oven that you’re about to buy?

Well, Hot Logic Mini comes with a number of good news in this case. It’s made as a flat-bottomed and sealed top design. So, it can accommodate almost any food container of any size and material.

It’s okay with the containers that are made of metal, plastic, cardboard, glass and even ceramics. No matter whatever the size and material of the container are, the heat will reach the food inside, and keep the food warm. 


  • You’ll find some color variations of the product. So, you can quickly pick one up depending on your preferred color.
  • This is extremely portable. So, you can take it with you to have a hot food anywhere you go.
  • This portable oven is efficient. According to the manufacturer, it costs less than one penny for every meal.



  • This is a mini portable oven. So, you’ll have to search for another option if you want to go on a family picnic.


I am putting there are some similar products of this oven. You can take a look :

Hot Logic 9x13 Family Size Portable Oven


BREVO Portable Electric Convection Oven 75W Slow Cooker for Prepared Meals Reheat & Fresh Food Cooking, Up to 9″x 7″x 3″ Container Applicable


An excellent alternative to HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven can be this one. BREVO offers this one. It comes with a smart internal temperature control system. This feature automatically shuts it off when the food is cooked properly. So, you don’t need to worry about timer and settings.

This oven can evenly cook the food. So, you’ll have a good meal, be sure. Any sealed top and flat bottom container made of metal, glass, plastic or ceramic can be used with this oven. So, you can try this one too if you like.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mini Oven

As we’re heading to the review of one of the most popular mini oven on the market, it would be great to know what to look for in such an oven. For you, here is the short buying guide to a mini oven –

What Can the Mini Oven Do?

Ovens are not only about heating the food anymore. In 2018, they’re capable of doing a lot more than that. As an example, they can toast, brown, roast, grill, reheat and many more. But in case of a mini-oven, the list of expectation would be a little shortened. In most of the cases, they are only to heat and reheat the food inside.

What Are the Causalities?

What I mean by causalities is the chance of food getting spoiled due to overheating or malfunction or poor control. In every case, the probability should be zero percent. Because with a mini oven, you’re willing to have a homemade, fresh and hot food served. But if the food gets spoiled due to overheating, the entire investment is gone in vain.

Like the Hot Logic mini, there are some products who’re able to protect the food from overheating automatically. I would prefer those instead of anything else of the market.

What’s the Accommodation Facts?

You won’t carry the food directly in the oven compartment. Of course, you will put the food in a container first, and then store it in the oven, on that note, one important question how much the oven can handle the box. No matter whatever your box size is, make sure that the oven is able to house that inside.


Each of us, while on a vacation or a journey food is a part. But most of the time we don’t have control over what we eat. I am not opposing from being a food explorer while on a vacation. But being a food lover is one thing and affecting your health with bad and unhealthy food is another. I strongly deny to get sick and spend rest of my vacation with a risk of food poisoning.

However, as we are supposed to find out a solution to this, we’ve gone through every detail in this hot logic mini review. And from every aspect, it seems to be worth the money. No matter it’s the traveling guy, or an office that needs to feed its employees, this mini oven would be a great choice.

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