How To Attach A Toolbox To A Truck

Last Updated on December 15, 2020

What do you think about toolbox in your truck? If you have to move here and there with your tools regularly, you might have thought about this already. 

Why Do You need to Attach a Toolbox to Your Truck?

Setting up a toolbox in your truck has many advantages.

Firstly, it makes it easy to move with the tools you need. Secondly, it reduces the need for having a huge tool shelf in your workshop. Thirdly, it keeps the tools properly arranged and prevents spreading out all over the truck bed.

And finally, it ensures the safety of your tools. Sometimes you may need to work with a few tools and leave the rests in the truck. If you leave those open, some of those can be lost, I mean, stolen.

Have you thought about all these advantages?

There are some more. So, now you know how much it is important to have a toolbox attached to your truck. If you are willing to set up a toolbox on your truck, let’s know how to do it.

Toolbox To A Truck

The Process of Attaching a Toolbox to a Truck

It is not so tough to attach a toolbox to your truck. It needs following some easy steps. The process is described in details below-

Buy the Right Box:

To make sure that the box fits your truck, it should be the right sized. The width of the truck will be the length of the toolbox. So, before buying the right box, know the width of your truck bed and buy a box according to that measurement.  

Here, you have to keep in mind that you’ll use some padding to keep the toolbox as well as the side rails of the truck free from scratch. This padding will need a little place. So, if you want to use paddings on the side, keep more or less 1-inch difference between the width of the truck and length of the toolbox when buying it.

Get the Necessary Elements:

At the time of installing a toolbox, you’ll need some helping elements and tools. Before starting the work, make sure that you have all the elements near your hand.

Padding material is necessary if you want to keep the rail and box free from scratch. So, find a quality padding material that can be placed on the trucks bed rail before installing the box.

To set a toolbox in your truck, you’ll need a ratchet spanner to tighten the bolts. So, make sure that you have the right sized ratchet spanner according to the bolts.

In most of the cases, bolts are provided with the box. If you haven’t get the bolts with the toolbox, check the size of the pre-drilled holes of the box and get some bolts of that size. To attach a toolbox with a truck, maybe j-shaped bolts are the best option.

If the box comes with pre-drilled holes, you won’t need any other tool to do this. But if there is no hole and the manufacturer leaves the decision on you, you’ll need a drill or something to make holes in the box. Make two holes at least on each side of the box.  

Find the Position:

When you have collected all the elements, you are ready to start installing the toolbox. I suggest you wearing hand gloves before doing it. But if you are not comfortable in gloves, you can ignore.

Take the toolbox and place it where you want to install. Make sure that it fits right to the place. If it fits properly, you can go for the next step. But, what will you do if it doesn’t fit?

If the box is bigger than the bed width, you have to replace it with a smaller one. If it comes a bit smaller than the bed width, you can use padding materials to support the box to sit in the right place. But if the gap is too big, you need to return it and bring a larger one.

At the time of fitting the box in its place, make sure that it has enough space to open the cover and drawers.

Lock the Toolbox:

After putting the toolbox at the right position, now it’s time to lock the position using bolts. In most of the cases, using J-bolts is the best option. So, I’ll advise you to go for that option.

Toolboxes come with holes in both sides. If yours doesn’t come, make two holes in each side of the box that will help the bolts to attach the box with the truck rail. The holes must be drilled in the interior of the box so that the bolts don’t remain exposed when the box is closed.

After that, keep the cover open. From underneath the toolbox, set the J-bolts in a way so that the hook goes under the bed rails and threaded part comes out through the hole of the box. Bolt it properly. Follow the same course of action for the rest of the holes.

Here, if you want the box in the perfect position, keep all the bolts loose, get a perfect position and then tight the bolts with the appropriate tool. To ensure that the box has set properly and doesn’t move, tighten the bolts properly.


Done! By following these four easy tasks, you’ll be able to attach a toolbox to your truck to make carrying tools easy. Now it’s time to get the tools arranged in the box and start moving here and there.

Attaching a toolbox to a truck is a simple process. If you do the above few things right, you’ll get your toolbox attached to your truck very easily. Just make sure that you have bought the right toolbox that can easily fit in the place you have chosen. So, do this by yourself. You’ll find it fun.

Do you have any pro suggestion about this? If so, you can share with us in the comment box. 

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