How to Quiet a Generator

Last Updated on December 15, 2020

A generator normally produces a huge sound. Continuous sound of generator can’t be tolerated easily, especially, when you are at the campsite. The noise of the generator won’t let you sleep properly. If you run the generator at home and you have a neighbor who can’t tolerate high sound, you’ll be in danger surely. Besides, the loud noise is harmful, especially for the olds and the children.

So, you need to keep the generator quiet. There are a few techniques that can help you to keep it quiet. Let’s see How to Quiet a Generator –

How to Quiet a Generator

How to Quiet a Generator

Purchase a Baffle Box

If you use the generator mainly for camping, this is probably the best way for you. Baffle boxes are specially designed for generators. When you keep the generator into it, it confines the noise inside. As a result, you get a quieter place than before.

You’ll find a lot of baffle bags available in the market. Buy a portable one.  At the time of purchasing, make sure that it is designed in a way so that your generator remains safe from getting damaged.

Build an Enclosure

This is the best way if you use the generator at home. By building an enclosure, you’ll be able to keep your generator in it. This will restrict the noise to come out. As a result, your generator will seem quieter.

At the time of building enclosure, make sure that it is big enough to keep your generator easily. Use concrete to make the floor and bricks or woods to build the walls and ceiling.

Replace the Muffler

Mainly the engine and the exhaust of a generator are responsible for making the noise. So, if you want to get rid of the noise, you can focus on these two. Though there is less chance to make a great difference, replacing the muffler may work.

All you can do is installing a bigger muffler in the exhaust that will help the generator to produce a bit less noise. So, you can try this too.

Use Anti-vibration Mounts

Using anti-vibration mounts reduce the vibration of the generator. The vibration is partially responsible for the noise too. So, use rubber mounts to reduce the vibration of the generator.

Besides, keep your generator on a flat surface. A generator is likely to produce less noise when it is kept on a fully flat surface. I hope the combination of a rubber mount and flat surface will contribute to producing less noise.

Search for a Quieter One

If none of the above can satisfy you, I suggest you buy a generator that ensures less noise than the existing one. There are some generators that offer less noise than others. Go for those options.

Reducing the noise of the generator is essential for you. Being exposed to the continuous sound of the generator may damage your hearing power. Try to follow the tips I have given above to make your generator quiet. Those will work surely. 

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