Logitech Z533 Review

Last Updated on November 25, 2020

Having a multimedia sound system helps me to feel the music. So, when the sound system I have purchased with my desktop died, I was searching for another one to purchase. At that time I searched the internet for a good one and made a list of 4-5 sound systems. However, after gathering some more information, I chose Logitech Multimedia Sound System Z533. The selection wasn’t wrong at all. The experience of using this is really good. Here I am going to write a Logitech Z533 review that will provide an idea about this particular sound system.

logitech z533 review

Things to Consider before Buying a Multimedia Speaker

Before going to discuss about Logitech Z533, let’s know what you need to consider before buying a multimedia speaker. This will help you to relate to the reasons for buying Logitech Z533. Let’s see-


Input is a thing to look at if you want to use your speaker for different purposes. For example- if you are going to use the speaker with only your laptop, desktop or television, a 3.5mm audio jack input and RCA input is enough.

But if you want to use it for a professional purpose like musicians or producers use, the speaker must have XLR inputs.

Volume Output:

The volume of a speaker is measured by its RMS count. The higher the RMS, the louder the speaker is. Besides RMS, there is another count called Peak Power. It shows the power that the box can offer in short bursts without any problem.

If you need the speaker for using in a small room, a moderate RMS and Peak Power is enough. I suggest buying one of high power. You can use a high powered speaker for both loud sound and light sound.

2.0 vs. 2.1

2.0 system includes two small speakers called channels. On the other hand, 2.1 system contains a subwoofer with two channels.

2.0 systems take smaller place comparing to 2.1 systems. However, 2.1 systems provide more powerful bass than the 2.0 systems. So, choose one according to your need.

These are the common things you need to consider at the time of buying a speaker. Besides, you can consider the color, size, design and other offerings if you like.

Diving into Logitech Z533 Review

Being built by Logitech, Z533 is probably a great speaker with a mid-range budget. The sharp look of the subwoofer and the channels have made it using in professional corporate offices too. Besides, the combination of black and golden color has made it suitable for use with any decoration. There is a good change in the structure to comparing the previous model Logitech Z533.
The performance of Logitech Z533 is also appreciable. It produces enough sound for using in a room. Comparing with many other speakers in this budget range, Logitech Z533 provides good sound. In this model, the sound output is increased. Logitech Z533 has a sound output of 40 watt RMS.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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2.1 Type Speaker:

Logitech Z533 is a 2.1 speaker system. This means it contains two channels with a subwoofer. The subwoofer is mainly for reproducing and providing a good base.

This may consume more space than 2.0 speakers. So, you may need a bit large space to set up the system. But the sound quality provided by the speaker will compensate that extra space.

The subwoofer of the speaker system is 10.43 inch high with width and depth of 10.03 inch and 7.67 inches. The weight is around 4.0 kg. This means the subwoofer is a bit large. So, you may feel uncomfortable to change the position of the subwoofer. In this case, I suggest keeping it in a place from where you don’t need to move the subwoofer.

The size dimensions of the channels are 6.69-inch x 3.93-inch x 3.34 inch. The weight is around 550 g. This has made the channels comfortable to move. So, you can easily move the channels according to your need.

Volume and Base:

Logitech Z533 offers 60 watts RMS power with 120 watts peak sound. The regular sound of 60 watts is enough for covering a large room. You can enjoy a powerful but balanced sound sitting in your room. Besides, you can use it for a small room party by taking the advantage of the peak sound of 120 watts.

The box is designed to spread the sound throughout the whole room. So, when you’ll use this speaker, it will simply fill up the room with its well-balanced sound.

If you are looking for a good base, this one is maybe the thing that will satisfy you. The subwoofer of this set takes the responsibility of providing a booming base. This will bring the feel of reality in videos, songs, and games. If you are addicted to gaming, I suggest you take this one.


The speaker comes with 3.5 mm audio jack and RCA input option. So, you don’t need to be tensed about using it with common devices we use. You can easily use this sound box with computer, television, tablets, mobile phones, mp3 players and gaming consoles like Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 etc.

The subwoofer is able to take up to 3 inputs simultaneously. So, you will be able to connect your television, computer, and smartphone at the same time. At the time of switching between the sources, you don’t need to disconnect other sources. This saves your time and continuity of the party.

Control Pod:

The control pod is a user-friendly feature provided by Logitech. The control pod is connected to the speaker through a wire. So, keeping the subwoofer at a distance, you can control the bass, volume, and power without going near to it.

The control pod is designed in such a way so that you can control it easily. It is small, lightweight and smart enough to fit in any setup. Besides of the controlling option, it includes a headphone jack and an auxiliary jack.

So, after diving into the features, what do you think? Is it enough for meeting your demands? As I have searched on the internet thoroughly, I got some more speakers. Right at this point of Logitech Z533 review, I’m going to give short reviews of some more speakers. You can check those too.


  • The wired control pod is added to the system to control bass, volume, and power from a certain distance.
  • The design and color of both the subwoofer and the channels allow it to fit with any room setup.
  • The volume and bass control has been improved comparing to the older versions. It has made this speaker ideal for small parties.


  • The control module is wired. Thus it limits the scope of using it to control bass, volume, and power.

GREAT SYSTEM. . looks good. Woofer sits nice under table. I had an older Logitech similar system. It died after about 12 years. Am doing some home recording so I bought some studio monitors, they sounded like crap, bass just distorted. I went ahead and bought the z533 and should have done it from the start. Am doing electronic music with korg volca and a microbrute. It now sounds GREAT.!! Control pod is nice. Has several hookup possibilities. Woofer is dope! Looks pretty good too !! “[/wpsm_testimonial][wpsm_testimonial by=”preston”]” I have always been a fan of Logitech products, I replaced my z-313 speakers (which I loved) with the z-533. Wow the difference is not even comparable, for the money in my opinion these are the best speakers on the market, crisp clear no distortion at high volume, I really like the adjustable bass level.

What are the Best Alternatives Available?

These are some alternatives in my opinion if you are looking for something different than Logitech Z533. The choice is always yours. So, I suggest checking each carefully, knowing your necessity and making the decision. 

Cyber Acoustics Most Thunderous 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker System with 92W of Power – Perfect for Gaming, Movies, Music, or any Multimedia Use (CA-3908)

Cyber Acoustics Most Thunderous 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker SystemIf you are looking for a box with less sound, this one will be good for you. This speaker system from Cyber Acoustic offers 46 watts RMS and 92 watts peak power within a smaller budget range.

As this speaker system provides less sound than Logitech Z533, definitely it is smaller in size too. So, you’ll find comfort in placing the speaker.

This speaker system also looks cool to place in different types of setups. The sound quality is also comfortable and able to meet the demand of you. So, you can have a look at this.

[wpsm_button color=”orange” size=”big” link=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007PXV2K2/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=smned-20&linkId=cb2f905b7493c3f2b77148bffbefc8ef&language=en_US” icon=”check-circle” class=”” border_radius=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”]Get It On Amazon[/wpsm_button] [/wpsm_titlebox][wpsm_titlebox title=”Logitech Z623″ style=”3″]

Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System, 2.1 Speaker System

Logitech Z623 Speaker System

If you are looking for something that can give a boom to your big parties, you may count on Logitech Z623. Comparing to Logitech Z533, it provides almost 3 times more sound. Like Logitech Z533, this is also a 2.1 speaker system. But it doesn’t include control pod. Controlling can be operated from one of the channels.

The weight and size dimensions of this are a bit higher than the Logitech speaker that I have talked about earlier. Comparing to the size, the subwoofer is more powerful to create a boom in your large entertainment parties.


[wpsm_button color=”orange” size=”big” link=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003VAHYTG/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=smned-20&linkId=892e94de0f772479093f47ae2437ee49&language=en_US” icon=”check-circle” class=”” border_radius=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”]Get It On Amazon[/wpsm_button] [/wpsm_titlebox][wpsm_titlebox title=”Bose Companion 2 Series” style=”3″]

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers – for PC (with 3.5mm AUX & PC input)

Bose Companion 2 Series

Are you looking for a 2.0 speaker? If so, I’ll suggest you try this one from Bose. It won’t need much place to stand.

This speaker system from Bose has the ability to provide undistorted sound even in the highest volume. This speaker will actually make you feel the sound instead of just listening to it.

The drawback of this speaker is, it is designed and manufactured for PC. You can extend the use by the help of the auxiliary cord to some more devices. Still, you can’t get the diversity of using the Logitech speaker I have talked about earlier.


[wpsm_button color=”orange” size=”big” link=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CD1PTF0/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=smned-20&linkId=8ed132e2de0fa5d179cc14bdab538794&language=en_US” icon=”check-circle” class=”” border_radius=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”]Get It On Amazon[/wpsm_button]

I hope my Logitech Z533 review will help you make your buying decision quickly. I have personally liked Logitech Z533 for the professional design, versatility in use and quality sound. Still, this device is helping me to enjoy videos and music instead of just listening to those.

I hope that you’ll check this too. If you are interested, check this great sound system.

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