Penny Longboard Review – The Ultimate Guide to Making The Right Choice

Last Updated on December 15, 2020

I tried to ride the skateboard but never got into it as I was always dropping on my ass.

However, I was also reluctant to make it work, so I started looking through the branches and end up with the most fun ride ever, a longboard. They look kinda the same, but in reality, it’s a different take on the skateboards.

So, those like me who can’t ride the skates will fall right for it. This is the brand that taking the longboard game to a whole new level.

And in this Penny longboard review, you’ll learn how they have made a whole generation move from skateboarding to longboarding.

Penny Longboard Review

Top 5 Penny longboards to have:

Penny got a variety of options lined up. There is one for everyone as I like to say. You just need to take your time and figure out which longboard is the one for you. But not everyone can make those decisions right away.

Luckily, I’m here for those confused souls as I will take them to a tour of the longboarding world to choose the perfect ride.



Penny Skateboards Complete LongboardPenny Skateboards Complete LongboardCheck Now
Penny Nickel Graphic Complete SkateboardPenny Nickel Graphic Complete SkateboardCheck Now
Penny Skateboards Standard SkateboardsPenny Skateboards Standard SkateboardsCheck Now
Penny Classic Complete SkateboardPenny Classic Complete SkateboardCheck Now
Penny Skateboards Nickel Standard SkateboardsPenny Skateboards Nickel Standard SkateboardsChecknNow

Penny Longboard Review

1. Penny Skateboards Complete Longboard

If you want to ride like the wind, then get one of these. It is the Complete longboard, and it’s just one of the smoothest ride out there. And as its name suggests, this 36 inch Penny longboard has a lot going for it.

Like the deck itself which by the way is constructed using a secret formula. Penny has formulated the plastic in a way that it adds more strength, flexibility, and control to their longboards compared to the competitors.

Penny Skateboards Complete Longboard review

The deck also boasts of a concave design added with the textural grip that gives balance to the riders. Then there are the 69 mm 83A wheels that can pick some serious speed while the ride is always smooth even on the most unsteady tracks. The big wheels make sure you move through bumps and cracks without even noticing it.

The deck construction was made with care as the chamber placed on it gives quite the support to the ankles. Overall, this is the perfect ride for the young ones as this longboard is solid.

Plus, being that size, this makes the best starter longboard for those who are swapping their skateboards for longboards.

2. Penny Nickel Graphic Complete Skateboard

The Nickel Graphic begs the question, is it a longboard or more like a skateboard?

The 27-inch length and 7.5-inch width make it look like a skate, but the wheels and trucks show more of the longboard characteristics. And it seems like Penny came up with an entirely new breed that’s nor a skateboard nor a longboard, it’s better known as the shortboard.

As you can see, the deck size is quite unorthodox. It’s even slightly smaller than the usual skateboard. However, this diminutive size of it makes it a crowd favorite as it comfortably fits in a backpack.

Besides, being lightweight and super compact, the Nickel Graphic also has a superior build. This model like the previous one also got the secret plastic build treatment on its deck.

Penny Nickel Graphic Complete Skateboard

But the Nickel surprises many with its textural grip surface on the deck. There is no need to add grip tapes as the surface gives you the friction needed to stay on it, even with your bare feet.

Plus, having the plastic surface makes it easier to clean, but mud sticks on the waffle deck which can be a little bit frustrating.

The maneuverability of the Nickel Graphic is something that surprised me the most. The custom trucks give outstanding steering capabilities which are quite similar to surfing on the waves.

While the 78A wheels give you a smooth ride on all kind of surfaces. It’s just the perfect ride for the short commutes.

3. Penny Skateboards Standard Skateboards

If you want to have fun riding the skateboard, then the Standard penny is just the thing you need. This 22-inch skate provides remarkable maneuverable capabilities while being the perfect size to carry around in backpacks.

But that maneuverability comes with a price as the deck might be a little too small for adult riders. However, perfect for kids and teens to get their footing.
In spite of having a small deck, the Penny Standard offers the same level of steadiness as the previous ones. That’s because this one like the other longboards in this Penny longboard review has the same plastic molded deck.

But the grip comes from the deep waffle crosshatch design on the surface of the deck.
Penny Skateboards Standard Skateboards

The aerodynamics of the longboard replicates the characteristics of the skates. Therefore, this thing moves super fast through the surface. Plus, being small in size, this thing turns really sharp.

If that wasn’t enough, the design of the skateboard lets you do the flicks and tricks. Meanwhile, the bearing and the longboard like wheels ensures comfort on all terrains.

4. Penny Classic Complete Skateboard

The Penny classic complete skateboard is the one true original ride that was first brought by the Australian manufacturers. And this timeless skateboard is still out there and now its available in a variety of colors.

You can even get it in two different sizes as the classic offers both 22 and 27-inch decks. So, riders with big footprint can still enjoy the ride.

The construction of the skate is similar to the others. Penny has perfected the plastic formula that provides an indestructible ride. And this one also shows that build quality. But besides that similar quality body, the surface also flaunts their iconic grippy waffle patterns on it.

Therefore, riding it on full throttle is fun as you know you won’t lose the grip on it, even if you go barefoot.

Penny Classic Complete Skateboard

The 22-inch deck is dinky enough to get right inside a normal backpack which by the way is great. But for enthusiastic longboarder, the size also comes as a concern as it takes time to get used to the compact deck.

Then there is the kicktail at the back which works as a proper rest station for the backfoot. Also, riding through curbs is way more fun because of the kicktail.

Then there are the 59mm 83A rated wheels. Add the Abec 7 bearings into the picture, and you got a speedy ride.

But the bearings also make sure the ride is always smooth even on the most unforgiving surfaces. Penny wanted to make sure a fun ride, and that’s what they have literally provided with the classic.


5. Penny Skateboards Nickel Standard Skateboards

As till now, we’ve witnessed in this Penny longboard review that the company got something for everyone.

From kids to adults, they have got just the perfect ride for all. But if you’re still struggling to find the one for you, then the Nickel Standard is worth having a look.

The first thing you’ll notice holding the Nickel Standard is that it’s quite lightweight. The entire thing weighs just under six pounds. That’s quite amazing considering the fact this is a 27-inch board.

But it shouldn’t come as a surprise as Penny knows how to shed the weight. And the very first thing that plays a crucial part on that is their plastic deck.

Penny Skateboards Nickel Standard Skateboards

Now, don’t confuse this to be a cheaply built skateboard just because of the plastic build. That would be a mistake, as the plastic to build the deck is even stronger than the wooden decks of the premium quality skates.

And the credit, as usual, goes to Penny as their secret formulated plastic mold gives it all the rigidity to survive the most brutal crash.

The most remarkable part about the Nickel is its non-existing grip tape. Skating with grip tape is like suicide, but not in this case as this got the waffle texture on the board.

It works better than the usual grip tapes that you find in the market. Under the deck, the mechanism of the wheels and the bearings will also require some praise.

This has a custom 356 cast aluminum trucks with 87A soft bushings. In simple terms, this will steer as if you’re riding the giant wave in the sea. And the ride gets even more enjoyable with its 7 stainless steel bearings.

Even on the loosest of the surface, the skateboard moves without any real problem. While downhill riding on it is a hoot. So, in one word to sum the whole experience, this is fun.

My Favorite Longboard – Editor’s pick:

Editor PickTo be honest, I love all the Penny longboards mentioned above. In essence, they all got the same characteristics. Therefore it is hard for to pick one from the rest.

However, if I’ve to choose one from the list, then I will place my bet on the Nickel Graphic.

Now, the question is what makes it so special from the others? First of all, the size is what excites me the most. This one has a 27-inch length and also its wider on the sides with 7.5-inch dimension.

This wider platform means more big guys can enjoy skating. Plus, when you’re speeding through the downhill, it is much more stable than it little brother.

For cruising along, I can’t think of a better ride than the Graphic. I won’t say this is way faster than the others; however, moving in a straight line, you can feel the stability it offers.

All thanks to the ultra-wide 4-inch trucks in the working. Compared to others, it is an inch wider, but still, the longboard can take sharp turns like any of others. And already mentioned how stable it makes the ride.

And last but not the least is the wheels itself. Penny is renowned for the smoothest wheel makers in the longboarding world. This Nickel Graphic also got the smoothest wheels as it uses the 59mm and 83a.

Now, if you’ve checked the 22-inch longboard model in the Penny longboard review list, you might notice the wheels are the same. But with the bigger deck, it feels more natural, and you can notice the subtle difference if you try both of the longboards.

Plus, the 59mm can pick some serious speed when you need to which is always an awesome sight.

I can go about this Penny Nickel Graphic all day long and still might come out short of words. No offense to the others, but I like this particular model more, and it’s quite obvious by now.

And if you were having a rough time choosing a longboard, I will suggest this.

The journey is over. With this Penny longboard review, I’ve managed to introduce the best 5 longboards in the business. I know, for some dwelling on the details was a little bit painful.

You just want to go and buy a longboard to enjoy the surfing like experience on the road. But let me draw from my experience, it’s better to be thorough than sorry when making any purchase. Especially, for a longboard which probably would be your ride to commute from now on.

And hopefully, I’ve been helpful enough to assist in the search for your fun transportation. So, if anyway you’ve thought this was helpful then let us know in the comments and share it with your other longboard enthusiasts friends.

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