Phaiser BHS-750 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

As a music lover, I always try to have some gadgets that will help me to listen to songs in any situation. I used an in-ear headphone during my morning walk. But the wire of the headphone was disturbing. It interrupted the movement of my hands.

So, I was searching for something that’ll provide good music experience without disturbing me while running. I found Phaiser BHS-750 after some research.

It is a Bluetooth in-ear headphone which is manufactured specially for the athletes. It is a good quality headphone with sweat proof guarantee. The Phaiser BHS-750 review will help you if you are searching for a Bluetooth sports headphone for a morning walk, gym or exercise.

Things to Consider before Purchasing a Bluetooth Headphone

phaiser bhs-750 bluetooth headphonesBuying a Bluetooth headphone needs some things to consider. Before going to dive into the details of Phaiser BHS-750, let’s know what to check before purchasing a Bluetooth headphone.

#Battery life

I think battery life is the most important thing you have to consider at the time of buying a Bluetooth headphone. As Bluetooth headphone runs by getting power from the battery, you need to know the battery life.

If the battery life is not long enough, you should look for another option. In my opinion, if a Bluetooth headphone can survive 5-6 hours from a single charge, this is enough.

Besides battery life, check how quickly you can charge the headphone and how much time it takes to get a full charge.

#When to use

Before buying a Bluetooth headphone, you need to know when you’ll use it. If you buy it for regular use, you don’t need to go for sweat-proof headphones.

If you want to use it when you are at gym or morning walk, you need to buy one which is sweatproof. Besides, you need to buy one which is comparatively lighter. So, know when are you using the headphone.


The sound is a must to check before buying any headphone or good speaker. So, I won’t talk much about it.

Check the bass, sound level and noise reduction of the headphone. Choose the one which gives you more pleasure than others. In this case, you need to try many options. You can research user review for getting more information regarding sound without trying the options physically.

Besides these, you need to consider price, design, portability, etc. when you’ll search for a good Bluetooth headphone.

Let’s Enter into Phaiser BHS-750 Review

Phaiser BHS-750 is one of the best Bluetooth headphones offered by Phaiser. If you talk about the look, this is something with a great look. This is a small yet powerful in-ear Bluetooth headphone. You’ll find a few color variations that’ll provide you the opportunity to choose one. You’ll find all the colors are attractive enough to make you confused about one to choose. I am a fan of black, so I chose the black one.

Like other Bluetooth headphones, the charging connector is in one earbud. The design of the earbud has made the connector roughly visible. When you put the earbuds on, only the silver colored backside of the earbuds is seen. This ensures a good look.

Phaiser BHS-750 Review

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Phaiser BHS-750 Bluetooth Headphones

Runner Headset Sport Earphones with Mic and Lifetime Sweatproof Guarantee. HD SOUND; SECURE FIT; Multiple Colors Available!

Features of the Phaiser BHS-750


You’ll be able to use this headphone with any device that supports Bluetooth. To connect this headphone to your device, make your Bluetooth on and search for the device. You’ll find ‘Phaiser’ on the list. Select it, and the headphone will be connected. There is a built-in voice that’ll notify verbally that the device is connected.

Phaiser BHS-750 comes with Bluetooth version 4.1. It ensures a strong wireless connection. The headphone provides 30-40 feet of flawless connection. Many Bluetooth headphones can’t guarantee this. It is ensured in case of Phaiser BHS-750 after 13 round of testing- the company has claimed.


Phaiser BHS-750 ensures high-quality sound. It produces sound with the help of 8mm speakers. The device is fine-tuned by Swiss audio engineers. They have ensured the loud, clear and lively sound.

When you’ll put on the headphone and turn the music on, you’ll be amazed to hear such a clear and strong sound. It has blown my mind with the sound quality. It produces higher bass and sound with comparatively low distortion.

The bullet-shaped earbuds are fantastic at blocking outside noise. When I turn the music on, I feel like I am diving into the sea of music. I am sure you’ll feel that too with this headphone.

Using Duration

The powerful Lithium-ion Polymer 110 mAh battery of this headphone ensures long runtime. As a result, by charging only for 2 hours, you’ll be able to enjoy music for a long time, up to 8 hours. Sound cool, right? The standby time is almost 250 hr.

The charging port used in this headphone is a Micro USB. The battery takes maximum 2 hours to become fully charged. The indicator turns to blue when it is fully charged.

An exciting thing about this headphone is LifeState technology. It helps to view the remaining battery charge when it is connected to a device.

Sports Friendliness

BHS-750 is a sports headphone. If you use normal headphone at the time of running or cycling or exercise, there is a chance that the earbuds will be damaged quickly. This will never happen in case of Phaiser BHS-750.

I have already said that I have chosen this headphone for listening to songs at the time of running. I wasn’t sure about the sweat proof feature as many manufacturers say the same thing. But it has surprised me.

This headphone is exceptionally sports-friendly. The earbuds aren’t vulnerable to water or sweat. Those are protected by Liquipel Nano Coating. Besides, the earbuds stay put when you move. So, you can use it in any kind of sports.

User Comfort

Phaiser BHS-750 is a user-friendly headphone. The earbuds are manufactured in such a way so that you don’t feel uncomfortable when those are in your ear. Those are soft and designed according to the structure of the human ear.

The backsides of the earbuds contain magnets. When you don’t need the headphone, there is no need to keep it in the pocket. The magnets will clasp together and stay around your neck.

There is a small and effective controller with the headphone. It helps you to change the songs and accept or reject incoming calls easily. A small pinhole-like microphone is there which captures your voice and sends it to the person of another side when you’re in a call.

Phaiser BHS-750 Bluetooth Headphones
Features of the Phaiser BHS-750


  • The sweat proof and firm earbuds allow you to use the headphone in any kind of sports without the risk of turning into scrap.
  • The long runtime of 8 hours has given you scope to use the headphone during the whole day when you are outside of the home.


  • It seems to be a bit overpriced to me.
Phaiser BHS-750 Bluetooth Headphones

Runner Headset Sport Earphones with Mic and Lifetime Sweatproof Guarantee. HD SOUND; SECURE FIT; Multiple Colors Available!

Phaiser bhs-750 oficial review

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These are all about Phaiser BHS-750 Bluetooth headphone. Now I am going to show some alternatives of this headphone. As I searched on the internet for headphones, I also found some other interesting headphones. You can take a look at those too.

Mpow Flame IPX7

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof IPX7, Wireless Earbuds Sport, Richer Bass HiFi Stereo In-Ear Earphones w/ Mic, Case, 7-9 Hrs Playback Noise Cancelling Headsets (Comfy & Fast Pairing)

If you are looking up for a Bluetooth sports headphone at a relatively lower price, you can check this one. Mpow Flame Bluetooth headphone also provides 7-9 hours runtime on one charge.

It is a good headphone with noise canceling feature. The one drawback of this headphone is the design. It is comparatively larger than most other Bluetooth headphones. Otherwise, all the features are good for a Bluetooth sports headphone.

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ports Earphones w/Mic IPX7

Senso Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earphones w/Mic IPX7 Waterproof HD Stereo Sweatproof Earbuds for Gym Running Workout 8 Hour Battery Noise Cancelling Headsets

SENSO Sports Earphones IPX7

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A good alternative to Phaiser BHS-750 can be this Senso Bluetooth headphone. Like Phaiser BHS-750, it comes with a high-quality sound and sweat proof earbuds.

It contains support called ear hook that allows you to wear the headphone firmly in your ear. As a result, it doesn’t fall when you use it in sports. An 8-hour battery backup has made it good for using outside for a long day.

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SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones

SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Earbuds 4.1 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphones aptX With Mic for Sports Workout (8 Hours Play Time, Noise Cancelling, Hands-free Calls) – Upgraded Version

SoundPEATS Bluetooth HeadphonesAnother strong competitor of Phaiser BHS-750 is SoundPEATS. It comes at comparatively less price but includes almost all the features that are offered by Phaiser.

The strong Bluetooth connection and noise canceling earbuds ensure quality music. You can easily use it in sports workouts. The design of the headphone ensures comfortable and strong fit in your ears.

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Features Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphone Senso Bluetooth Headphone SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphone
Type Bluetooth Sports Bluetooth Sports Bluetooth Sports
Battery Life 7-9 hrs 8 hrs 8 hrs
Size Medium Medium Small
Magnets No No Yes
Ear Hooks Yes Yes No
Price Range $ $$ $$

As you are buying the headphone for you, the choice is fully yours. Through the Phaiser BHS-750 review, I have given my opinion on this headphone. Also, I have shown some alternatives. I hope that you’ll check those.

I have found satisfying experience using Phaiser BHS-750. If you want to know more about it, click here on Phaiser BHS-750 for more insights.

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  1. I have the new BHS-750’s. the vast majority of reviews are for the older 730’s. So far, I like everything about these ear buds. There seem to be several improvements in the new model. They are smaller in length so they don’t stick out of your ears as much. There is an LED on the controls which is red when charging and blue when fully charged. The USB jack is now located in the control module. It appears that the ear buds are angled rather than straight and make pushing the buds in to your ears easier. Other than these improvements, I think these 750’s are every bit as good as the older design.

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