Predator Generator 8750 Reviews – Which Kind is Right for You?

Last Updated on December 15, 2020

When it comes to generators, the battle of power vs. price seems not to come to an end.

However, Harbour Freight as a brand had been quite an exception on this battlefield. No matter you’re living in an area with the erratic power supply or looking for powering up outdoor camping, we’ve got a sound generator from Harbour Freight for you.

The model is Predator Portable Generator 8750, and we’re about to provide a hands-on Predator Generator 8750 Reviews in this post today.

We’ve gone through in-depth research about the structure, built, power supply, maintenance effort, durability and of course, the price-quality ratio. Hope we’d be able to provide some real-time data in this post.

Predator Generator 8750 Reviews

Harbour Freight Predator Generator 8750

Predator generator 8750 is a production of Harbour Freight, the brand and considering the current market, it’s one of the biggest shot for household power backup.

It’s made to compact, carriable for outdoor uses, and it really provides a long-term backup to almost all of the essential appliances of the house.

Moving forward to the advanced level demands from a modern generator, it’s about the security. Due to several incidents, household generators are claimed to be a source of fire or overheat now and then.

But with safety measures like an air-cooled circuit breaker and low-level oil indicator, the worries are wiped away in case of this generator.

Also, it can be carried around and mounted with almost no hassle. No matter it’s the house or a camp, you can always keep this generator as the source of emergency power.

We’ve broken down the features and their benefits in details. Here we go-

Predator Generator 8750 Reviews

Features and Benefits

Quick Start and Ease of Use :

What stands this generator out is the ease of use and operation. Under most conditions and temperatures, it will reach almost no difficulties to start and operate.

As tested in the predator generator 8750 reviews, the start of timing is too short. If will turn on even after the first pull in most cases. However, proper maintenance is needed in case of regular performance.

More Power Backup for An Extended Time Period :

I know what you might be thinking. “Backup time is a global problem with generators. So how come this is an exception to this one?”.

Well, if we keep our vision within the small house and party usage, you need not have a mega-sized generator for power backup.

The predator generator 8750 will be able to power up for about 12 hours while the load is just 50%. If you increase the load accordingly, the number of hours will be less. And that’s perfectly normal, I guess.

A Compact Design :

If the space of your house or the backyard of the campsite is small, housing the generator is a concern. This seems to be trouble when you’re dealing with a high-power generator of great wattage. But this generator from Harbour Freight doesn’t seem to occupy large space.

The Predator 8750 is a compactly designed generator with almost no hassle to the house and install. To be specific, the generator is 27 x 23 x 23 inches in dimension. And in case you need to carry this around, you will reach almost no trouble with it, as the weight is just about 180 pounds.

Air Cooled Circuit Breakers for Safety :

As generators are electric items, there are always risks of circuit breakdown or voltage rise. In that case, most of the generators have circuit breakers installed in the unit. Usually, there are two types of circuit breakers in typical generators- air cooled circuit breakers and oil-cooled circuit breakers.

This generator that we’ve picked, for now, consists of an air-cooled circuit breaker. It may a little more time than the oil cooled ones. But when it comes to safety issues, they are way better for home.

With oil-cooled circuit breakers, there are chances of fire breakdown or lack of proper heating. But with an air-cooled circuit breaker of this generator, both you and your family members are safe.

Best for Powering Up Small Houses :

As we discussed earlier, predator generators mostly for in-house power backups, where you need power for every room of the small house. In case of emergencies like blackouts and hurricanes, the predator generator 8750 can be the ultimate savior.

Another good thing about this generator is, it has multiple power outlets. You can power up several electric appliances like the fridge, the good pump, the freezers and even the high-power-consuming microwave ovens.

But one thing I’d like to warn about. Usually, devices that produce heating or cooling inside, are likely to consume more power. So, with those devices plugged in, the output duration will be a little low.

Low Oil Level Indicators :

You must know when and how you need to refill the fuel inside the generator. And as a smart power source, the predator 8750 will let you know about it.

It has got a low oil level indicator. Through it, you can know exactly when you need to get the oil inside it and avoid interruptions in power.

The Steel Made Frame:

I have seen many good quality generators to have a complaint of less durability.

Mostly because of the built and the frame, such incidents are likely to occur. But the Predator 8750 would be an exception. It’s mounted inside a large steel frame. This will give you a certain promise of durability. 

Advantages & Disadvantages 


  • You’ll found this generator placed in a large and robust steel frame. This ensures that the generator is durable enough.
  • Between two types of circuit breakers, this generator contains air cooled circuit breaker. It ensures better safety and security.
  • The low oil level indicator is a useful feature. It shows you when the oil is needed. Thus it ensures continuity.



  • The generator is a bit heavy. Maybe the external steel frame is the reason for this.

Some Alternatives

Generac 5940 GP6500 6500 Running Watts/8000 Starting Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator

Generac 5940 GP6500

If you are searching for an excellent portable generator in a lower budget range, you can try this one. It is a compact generator from Generac that ensures a power of almost 6500 while running. It powered by Generac 389cc OHV engine.

It comes with a low oil level shutdown. When the oil is not sufficient, it’ll automatically shut down. It is inserted into a steel frame. So, you can be sure about the durability. You’ll get a runtime of 10 hours at 50% load.


Briggs & Stratton 30675A Q6500 Inverter Generator – 6500 Starting Watts QuietPower Series Portable Generator for Home Backup

Briggs & Stratton 30675A Q6500 Inverter Generator

You can try this portable generator if you spend some more money for a generator. Coming from Briggs & Stratton, this portable generator ensures a quiet running. If you compare with some other generators,
you’ll see that it is lighter than those.

The compact design ensures durability and strength. With all these features, it offers a starting 6500- watt power. It can provide backup for a small house.

With 25% load, you’ll get a backup of almost 14 hours. The look of the generator is also excellent.

Generac 5734 GP15000E 15000 Running Watts/22500 Starting Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator

Generac 5802

If you want a heavy duty generator, you’ll have to spend more. In this case, this generator from Generac can be a good choice for you. You’ll get a power of 15000 running watts from this generator. The starting watt is about 22500 watts.

The single touch electric start makes it trouble-free to run the generator. You can monitor the power by the exclusive Powerbar feature.

The generator comes with a steel cage that keeps is safe from hits and ensures durability. The Hour meter tracks the usage of the generator.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Predator Generator

This generator that we are talking about, is a predator generator. What’s special about these generators is, they are not so light in weight. As they are for specific indoor and outdoor purposes only, you need to consider this following thing before buying a predator generator- 

The Size of the Generator

The size of a generator suggests that whether you can move it too frequently or not. They are quite heavy in weight. So, campsites where you will move too frequently, won’t be a great place to place this generator. However, if it’s not a trouble, you can get a wheel kit. Although the Predator 8750 comes with a wheel kit with it.

How Much Power Coverage Do You Need?

Generators are likely to deliver electric power. But based on how much power you need, the size, power and price matter a lot. Take these predator generators as an example. These are likely to provide power for the entire small house.

Or if we come to the outdoor, it would be able to power up the campsite’s lightings, portable fans, music systems and some electric gadgets. So, if your necessity is something similar, a predator generator is a good pick. Otherwise, you should consider buying something else.

These two are the basics that one can demand from a mid-ranges generator.

But to be on the point, there are some other requirements as well. As an example, the body structure, the ease or hardship of clearing, the maintenance and many more. We hope, you have come over all of these, as you understand your expectation from such a generator


If you think  7500 is a bit larger than that you want. Then you may check Predator 2000 generator review.

That was all from the predator generator 8750 reviews today. Hope that we’ve been able to explain what you want to hear about the next generator you would like to purchase. However, if you ask us about what we think, we would definitely recommend to get it.

As a mid-range generator, this would check all the boxes of quality and performance. All you need is to be a little bit more careful about the maintenance of it. Otherwise, it would be a hard nut to crack to get a long lifetime.

Check the requirements of your demands of electrical power, the duration of the power supply and the voltage and wattage recommendations. If everything matches right with the Predator 8750, then go for it without any hesitation!

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