Pure Wave Massager Reviews – Best Pado Massagers of 2020

Last Updated on December 15, 2020

If you’re a person up to massagers and stuff, you naturally know that Pure Wave is the best personal massager brand today. But as a sincere person, don’t take their words for it. There are also hundreds of pure wave massager reviews over the online, but today I will bring all the things in one place, Yes in the article!

Pure Wave Massagers ModelProductPrice

Pure Wave CM7 Massager

A allrounder massager device, best for home and professional uses. Has a lot of varieties in speed?

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Pure Wave CM5 Massager

A massager for professional therapists, with a long battery life and less expensive price tag.

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Pure Wave CM3 Massager

A spots massager device with the fastest precise massaging. Best used for sportsmen, outdoor activists or anybody who may need an emergency body massage.

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We don’t want you to go blind to the direction of trends and purchase the most familiar massager instantly. Instead, we want you to have a look at all the popular models from Pure Wave, go through the real-time pure wave massager reviews and pick the right model for them all.  

And that’s why we’ve come out with this article.

In today’s pure wave massager review, we’re going to take you through hands-on reviews of Pure Wave’s three of the most popular models- CM7, CM5, and CM3. They vary a lot from the point of price-quality ratio, functionality, massage variations, massage intensity controls and so on. And throughout this article, we’re going to break everything down.

Keep reading the review, and you’ll end up with the best choice of massager for yourself.

The Pure Wave Massager Reviews: CM Series

Before proceeding to the detailed review, here is a glimpse of the three models that we’re going talk about today-

Pure Wave Massager Reviews


Pure-Wave CM7 by Pado Cordless Massager Review

What Did We Like Most?

The very first thing that’s worth mentioning about this product is its dual massage modes. Pure Wave CM7 has two operational moods for facial massage and deep tissue massage consecutively. In together, it does more than just vibrating. The deep tissue massage is powered by a 7.2V DC motor of 11000 RPM, where the facial massage comes from a motor of 7.2V DC 3700 RPM.

Let’s see what other features are in Pure Wave CM7 Cordless Massager-

Product Overview

Pure Wave CM-07

CM7 has got three different massage heads for different purposes, which is very rare in massagers of such price range. The first one, an air cushion stick is for massaging sensitive body joints like ankles, wrist or knee. The second one, a pointed stick is there to provide a softer acupressure massage. And the third one, a 6-head stick is for massaging wide body areas apparently.

Apart from these three heads, you’ll get three additional massage sticks for body massage oil stick, scalp massage stick, and a facial massage stick. So, in total, you’re getting a 6-in-1 massage solution with this magnificent massager.

Now let’s have a look at how well it massages for you-

The intensity level of the massager can be adjusted pretty comfortably as your personal need. It’s a percussion primary massager, while it can be controlled with one hand. Another hand can be used to hold it, as it’s made to be a single hand-held device.

With such features in such a tiny price tag, it can be the best tool to fight your body aches, spasms, knots, pains, and stresses. Also, with regular use of it, it can help to relief from low blood pressure, inappropriate blood circulation, less range of motion and many more. If we talk about the using areas, then CM7 will put a smile on your face. Because it’s appropriate for almost every part of your body including legs, necks, back, feet and hands. Once you get it on hands, you can surely find the best area where you can engage this best pure wave massager.

As we can see, this pure wave massager is a cordless one. The power is sourced from a lithium-ion battery, built to have an outstanding battery life. According to tests, the battery can withstand 500 charge cycles. If you charge it fully once, it will last for 180 minutes of continuous massage. Pretty much for personal uses, isn’t it?

  • High speedy percussion motor of 3700 RPM at most.
  • Built to provide a wide range of massage types.
  • The massage speed and intensity can be controlled easily.
  • Acute and repetitive percussion therapy.
  • Great for using at neck, legs, back, hand, face etc.
  • 180 mins withstanding(continuously) Li-ion battery.
  • Dual massage mood.
  • A good price comparing to its wide range of features.
  • No heat massaging opportunities.
  • It’s on the heavy side for some users.
Pure-Wave CM7 by Pado Cordless Massager Body plus Facial (Dual Mode) for Foot, Legs, Neck, Back, Shoulders

Pure-Wave CM5 Extreme Cordless Percussion Massager Review

What Did We Like Most?

Pure Wave CM5 is the previous version of the latest release, our first pick. But it has still got some unique impressions to appreciate. We loved the variation of message types and massage areas of this massager. Considering its outstanding perfection for shoulder, body, back, leg and foot massage, we’re sure that it’s the best massager for professionals. Also, as it lies within a suitable price range, professionals would love to own this massager for their therapy.

Let’s head in and find more from this pure wave massager reviews-

Product Overview

Pure-Wave CM5

The power age of the percussion motor comes first when you think about a body massager. CM5 checks all the boxes of quality in that sense. The 1500-3700 RPM electromagnetic motor operates in a back and forth motion, which is perfect to massage different parts of the body.

The power level can be controlled pretty easily with an easy-to-move control knob, which is the power on the switch as well.  

When we unboxed the CM5 Extreme, it created quite a first impression to us with its modern appearance. I know that’s not so important fact, but still, it doesn’t’ look like something that’s imported from far east. 10 on 10 on the design of this device.

The device operated quite silently, almost like the whistles of wind. So, no matter how powerfully you’re using it, it won’t bother even the person next to you.

Just like other two models of the CM series of Pure Wave, CM5 has got an appreciable battery life. The 7.2V Li-ion battery will withstand for 180 minutes of continuous massage. Unless you’re not an athletic body, this duration should do fine for you. It takes approximately 3 hours to charge completely. One important fact is, this portable massager only charges from a power outlet of 110V. So, if you’re not from the US, you may need to buy a transformer that transforms 220V output into 110V.  

As we have talked with the users, they’ve appreciated some particular features of this massager so much. In the CM5 Pure Wave massager reviews, we’ve seen it be a perfect remedy for instant body pains. So, athletes, cyclists, backpackers and people who may get into instant troubles, should keep this massager in their kit box.

  • Both soothing joint massage and aggressive massage is made possible.
  • Three different massage sticks.
  • Powerful and long run percussion motor.
  • Variation of speed control made easy.
  • Can run up to 3 hours at full battery charge.
  • 6 head sticks provided for various uses of purpose.
  • A 7.2V 2200mAh battery provided with 18650×2 cells.
  • A perfect device for deep tissue massage therapy for professionals.
  • A great remedy for extreme muscle aches and tensions.
  • A decent price-quality ratio.
  • Not durable enough for people of athletic build.
Pure-Wave CM5 Extreme Cordless Percussion Massager

Pure Wave CM3 Cordless Sports Massager Review

What Did We Like Most?

The last and the earliest pick of the pure wave series is the Pure Wave CM3. It’s maybe the earlier model, but there some spectacular features that made it widely popular by then. Still, if you’re a deep massage lover, CM3 can be the best companion available in the market. With CM3’s precise percussion technology, deep massage is made pretty easy. Also, another good thing that you’ll love is its price. Among the three-model series, this is the cheapest. So, if you’re looking forward not to break the bank for a massager, CM3 is the best shot for you.

Product Overview

Pure-Wave CM3

We think CM3 is best made for you if you’re in need of a sports massage quite often. Here are the reasons-

Pure Wave CM3 is featured with the latest Pure Wave Targeted Percussion Technology. It offers an instant massage therapy for instant aches and pains, which is quite frequently in sports and outdoor activities. Especially, when you have a sudden pressure on the lower back or the upper back, CM3 is the right solution. It will get into the pressure area precisely and work on it for instant relief.

Pure Wave CM3 Cordless Sports Massager is a self-standing model. So, when you’re carrying it around, you’ll have no difficulties to fit it in any pockets. Also, it’s so small designs. That’s also the reason for outdoor enthusiasts love this massager a lot.

From the price point of Pure Wave, then brand, CM3 is one of their best values so far. Among the three-model series of CM, this is going to cost you the lowest.

Now let’s see what’s the drawbacks of CM3 comparing to CM5 and CM7.

First of all, it doesn’t have that many attachment heads as the next following models from the same brand. The two head attachments named Point Stick and Six Head Stick is just the least amount of attachment heads that a user would need.

It has got a single speed motor of 3500 RPM. So, you can turn it on and start instant massaging. But unlike the other two models of the list, you can’t switch between various motor speeds. To some home users, it’s maybe an important drawback, as you can’t do soft acupressure or facial massage with such a speed. But as we said, this is a sports massager, and it can be best used by people who’re outdoor activists.

Based on the user’s CM3 pure wave massager reviews, we’ve found it to be the best fit for Chronic Pains, Muscle Spasms, and tight Muscles. As we mentioned already, these are the most common scenarios among sportsmen and outdoor activists. So here again, if you’re one such person looking for a massaging tool, Pure Wave CM3 is there for you.

  • Penetrated deep into the tissue and muscles.
  • Best for instant relief from aches, Chronic pain, Muscle spasms and tight muscles.
  • Great for upper and lower back massage.
  • The device is designed to stand on itself.
  • Small and compact in design, easy to carry around.  
  • Two different massage heads for pointed message and wide area massage.
  • A great value for the price.
  • A massager dedicated to sportsmen and outdoor activists.
  • A very cheap price range, cheapest of the entire list.
  • No such variations in massage intensity and area.
  • Not so great battery life.
Pure Wave CM3 Cordless Sports Massager


Thanks a lot for going through the entire article and reaching the bottom. Hopefully, you’ve already found the right fit of Pure Wave massager for your purpose. Throughout the entire Pure Wave Massager review, we’ve tried to show the most real-time benefits and drawbacks of all three massagers. Hopefully, you end up with a good massager in hand and come back to us to leave a ‘Thanks’ in a comment.

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