Smart Balance Wheel Review – Most Trending Hoverboards of 2020

Last Updated on December 15, 2020

Smart balance wheels (aka hoverboards) are being more of a youngster’s trend nowadays.

And with hundreds of brands and models, finding a good quality board is being harder than ever. In this article, we will try to show you top five picks smart balance wheel review –

To give you a hand in finding the best self-balancing wheel, we have done something really special. Since past one week, we’ve researched out and reviewed 5 best picks of the market of 2018.

Smart balance wheel review

Throughout the process, our sole intention was to provide the best value for the money you invest in it. But Before proceeding to the smart balance wheel review, let’s talk about something important.

Top trending Hoverboard – Smart Balance Wheel Review

Alright, so we know the safety factors about smart balance wheels now. Let’s proceed to the smart balance wheel review of today-

EPIKGO (Classic Series) Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board Review

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance BoardWhat Did We Like Most?

Welcome to our #1 ranked EPIKGO [Classic Series] Self Balancing Self-Balance Board.

This is an 8.5 inches longboard which is larger than an average (6.5 inches) boards in the market. With a larger size, a greater weight of 21 lbs. comes in.

But the most impressive fact follows in about it. To charge such a heavy board for a 10-12 mile of the journey, you should be needing a super-fast charging method.

And EPIKGO [Classic Series] Self Balancing Self-Balance Board comes is powered by the Super-fast Epikgo charging technology. It can charge the entire battery for a 10-12 miles runtime within just a couple of hours.

And that’s what we’re most impressed about.

Product Overview

The 8.5 inches long bigger and better hoverboard is occupied for more foot space. So, you get a better control, stability, and sophistication than any other brand or model.

Also, the 400W dual motor occupies more power to the wheels.

So, you move faster with more acceleration and drifting. Even it can let you ride a height of 18 degrees and more. The wheels are designed to undergo any terrains, dirt, sand, and grass.

Lastly, the UL 2772 certificate ensures its safety measures and compact designs officially.

  • The body is made of premium grade aluminum alloy.
  • 5 inches larger length and wheels.
  • Intelligent protection with UL certified battery.
  • Fast Epikgo charging technology.
  • Semi-submersible design.
  • Too heavy in weight, hard to carry around.
All-Terrain 8.5” Alloy Wheel, 400W Dual-Motor, LG Smart Battery, Hover Through Tough Road Condition [Classic Series]

App-Enabled SWAGTRON T580(Black) Bluetooth Hoverboard Review

App-Enabled SWAGTRON T580 hoverboard

What Did We Like Most?

App-Enabled SWAGTRON T580 Bluetooth Hoverboard comes from a renowned manufacture- Swagtron. We have two products from this brand in the list. And this one is the first of the due.

The best thing that we found about this product is its price.

Usually, when we talk about a good quality hoverboard, an extremely high price tag comes naturally with it. But this is not going to happen with this board from SwagTron.

It’s highly affordable and yet maintains a good price-quality ratio.

Product Overview

The price is maybe the most attractive part of its features. But apparently, there are many other prospects that we would like to draw your attention to.

Let’s look at the powerage of SWAGTRON T580 first.

The neutron of the power section is a couple of 150W motors. Such a good powerage leads into 7.5 mph speed, 30 degrees of riding angle and a compact mileage.

Also, three different riding modes are there to chose between. You can adjust the modes based on your weight and length of the road.

A unique feature that this board brings in is it’s Bluetooth connectivity.

SWAGTRON T580 can access apps, check battery power, change driving modes through Bluetooth 2.0. Also, if you want to connect to apps and speakers, SWAGTRON T580 is ready to connect.

  • 44-220 pounds riding a carriage.
  • 3 different riding modes.
  • 5 inches length of the board.
  • 5 mph maximum speed.
  • Can ride up to 30 degrees of terrains.
  • Extremely budget-friendly in price.
  • Safety certified by UL.
  • Slower than some other models of the same brand.
App-Enabled SWAGTRON T580 Bluetooth Hoverboard w/ Speaker Smart Self-Balancing Wheel – Available on iPhone & Android


Skque 8″ X1L8 UL2272 Smart Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Skque X1I Series Self Balancing Scooter Review

What Did We Like Most?

We belong to an age of style, fashion sense, and technology. So why don’t we combine them together?

Apparently, Skque X1/I Series Self Balancing Scooter is one such board that looks sleek and stylish in both inner and outer sense.

The smart end design, wide variation in color and design and the built-in LED rider’s light- these made the design of this board so unique.

And of course, this smart and sleek design is what we liked most about this product. And rest of its features are in the smart balance wheel review below-

Product Overview

This is a self-balance two-wheel scooter that promises to give you a stable and fast ride in a safer way. Turning radius, which is a quite important factor when you’re on the ride, can be set to zero. So, you can go ride it even in a narrow space.

Being powered by a 42000 mAh motor, it can drive you for 13-15 hours relentlessly. To ensure that you don’t run out of power on the road, the charging process is made as fast as just two hours.

The dual driver motor can be controlled by both of your feet and the gyroscope had been made to be sensitive to commands.

Maximum load of Skque X1/I Series Self Balancing Scooter is 120 kilograms (264 pounds) and maximum speed is 7.4 mph.

  • Exclusively stylish design.
  • Three different wheel sizes and 10 different models.
  • 264 pounds carriage.
  • 7.45 mph maximum speed.
  • Safe for riding at night.
  • Battery is marked certified by UL.
  • Be with music with the wireless Bluetooth speaker.
  • The price is little higher than the features it offers.
Skque 8″ X1L8 UL2272 Smart Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights


EPIKGO SPORT Balance Board Review

EPIKGO SPORT Balance Board Review

What Did We Like Most?

The EPIKGO SPORT Balance Wheel is our fourth pick of the entire list and second one from the brand EPIKGO. While comparing the design and basic technical facts, both of them seems to be pretty similar.  

But in the realm, there are differences in loading capacity and price. The weight carriage is slightly less than other EPIKGO top picks, but the price had been brought within budget. We loved these fact about this model.

Product Overview

When it comes to smart balance hoverboards, this product is a new kid on the block. But when we had a look at the performance and price-quality ratio, things started to look different.

First thing first, let me tell you the difference between EPIKGO SPORT Classic series balance board (our #1) and this EPIKGO SPORT Balance board here.

The main difference comes in with the weight capacity. This model we’re talking about has a weight limit of 196 lbs., where the other one is for the even heavier rider.

But the advantage of EPIKGO SPORT balance board is in its price. It’s significantly cheaper than the model on our top list.  

However, the other technical and visual aspects are almost the same. It’s made of 8.5 inches allow wheels, and the LG battery is as good as any UL 2271 certified battery. Both of these technical properties have been tested by 159-point safety test.

We think that the price-quality ratio had been more balanced in this product. What do you think?

  • Powered by dual motors of 400W each.
  • Sports grade racing tire design.
  • Large and wide 8.5 inches wheels.
  • UL2272 certified battery.
  • Fast EPIKGO charging technology.
  • A great product within mid-ranged budget.
  • Mileage is 10 miles only.
All-Terrain 8.5” Racing Wheels, 400W Dual-Motor, LG Smart Battery, Hover Over Tough Road Condition


Tomoloo Hoverboard Review

TOMOLOO Hoverboard Review

What Did We Like Most?

Tomoloo the brand has just launched the new model smart balance in November 2017, and it took no times we
got our hands in to the product.

And it became extremely popular among the buyers too. The appearance of
the model is a little bit smaller than other 8.5 inches models.

Except from the foot pads and plastic structure,
everything else is almost similar to other smart balance wheels of similar price range.
We have a whole set of features and their consecutive benefits below. Have a look-

Product Overview

TOMOLOO Hoverboard is an inexpensive and self-balancing scooter which is basically built for children. The 300W motor powers the device and runs through dual motherboards. The weight support is up to 264lb and the range of power output is 300W.

Although it’s more than okay for riders of small age. But when you’re dealing it with upper limit, the performance should be heavily affected.

The highest speed of this smart balance wheel is 10 mph and it can cover a distance of 12km at a run of full charge. And don’t worry about the time of recharging at all. It’s 2-3 to hours at max, just like any 300W smart balance wheel.

The speed and the ride motor can be easily controlled by a mobile device with three different settings. The settings covered the speed  of their wheel as slow, Normal and High speed. Although, three of the settings are equipped for different speeds.

But the ‘Slow’ settings creates a lot of vibration while running. Other than that, everything else seems to be fine.

It’s a smart device with Bluetooth connectivity in built. The nice and loud speaker is embedded in the design to please you on the go. Also, more visual appeal is there with the flaming led which is fit in the front of the board.

  • The design looks cool and is customizable.
  • Stable and safe to run on.
  • Reasonably priced compared to others.
  • RGB lights on the front.
  • Feature-rich application.
  • Easy to ride for kids.
  • Vibrates as slow speed.
  • Turning cycle isn’t responsive.
TOMOLOO Hoverboard – 6.5″ Wheel Electric Scooter for Kids and Adults

How Can I Stay Away from An Unsafe Hoverboard?

You know what’s your mobile battery made of? If you’re a smartphone user, it’s most probably a Li-ion battery. They are high in density, long enough in terms of battery life, but when it comes to safety, they are inherently unstable.

In fact, that also works in case of smart balance wheels also. Boards that are made in a poor way, have low-quality components in them, and have unstable Li-ion power sources, are more likely to explode.

As you’ll be using a board on street, they have to undergo a lot of vibration and impacts. So, to be on the safe side, make sure you’re checking these few facts-

Inspections and Prototype Testing

Hoverboard manufacturers use to do a lot of inspections and prototype testing. If a model passes through, they provide a security certificate along with it. Make sure every board of your buying shortlist has that one certificate.

UL Certification

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is an organization that works on testing electric devices like hoverboards. In case of hoverboard testing, the check the component quality, the resilience of the boards and the manufacturing process. If you’ve got a UL certificate with the product, be sure that it had gone through those certain security prospects.

Companies that Obtained UL 2272 Certifications

Apart from the certificate on the model itself, there is another way to check it out. The companies that obtained the UL 2272 certificate are- Hoverzon, Swagtron, Razor, Powerboard, Skque, Epikgo and Any model from these brands is expected to be safe.


Thanks for coming through the very end of today’s review. We’ve tried our best to keep an eye on real-time values of each of the smart balance wheels of this list. With everything explained in details, we hope that you have already prepared your buying shortlist.

However, we would like to finish with one little advice for you. Just as we said at the beginning, make sure that you’re getting your purpose served by not breaking the bank.

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