Trailmaster Go Kart Review

Nothing can be more exciting for an 8-15 years old kid that riding his very own car. And if they can take it to a racing level, things get a little more exciting. And what can be more pleasing for you than watching your kid on the top of happiness?
So, to us parents, a Go Kart is a way to put a smile on our kid’s face. But as a concerned parent, you’ll of course not jump right away on any random model. And that’s what this article is about.
In this Trailmaster Go Kart Review, we’ve listed six of the best Go Karts.

But first thing first, Go Cart is something that exactly sounds like its name. It’s a cart with one seat that is powered by either electricity or gas. And both of the types (electric motor and gas engine) doesn’t have any kind of serious transmission in them. Although some of the models use torque converter for reducing the gear.

Trailmaster Go Kart Review

A Glimpse of Trailmaster- the Brand

As you already know, this discussion today is going to be centered around all of the most popular go karts from Trailmaster, the brand. When it comes to producing premium grade go-karts and go kart parts for both kids and adults, Trailmaster is a prolific one. The brand has yet launched a series of karts since the date, and each of them had been able to stand out from one or another viewpoint.

You shouldn’t be confused with any other brands that have ‘Trail Master’ or some variation of the name. Ttailmaster itself is a brand that stands on its own ground.

However, today’s discussion is going to list and review 6 of the brand’s best Go Karts. We’ve kept some kid’s Go Karts, some XRX and Mini-XRX and some other models too. So, if you have a primary impression of the brand, you’re surely going to find a right fit of Go Cart from this Trailmaster Go Kart review.  

Let’s start off-

Trailmaster Go Kart Review



What Do We Like Most?

Our favorite award goes to the TRAILMASTER XRX-R MID-SIZE 200cc KIDS GO KART of today’s Trailmaster go kart review. With this mid-ranged kart on home, the family adventure becomes something that’d never happened before. If you want to make sure that your kid gets in a safe hand as long he/she’s craving for a go kart, this would be the best choice available.

The best thing we loved about this model is, being a mid-range model (in terms of both money and size), it goes up to 30 mph. Also, the set of safety features including hydraulic brakes, dual seats, cargo racks everything seems to be perfectly built for kids.

We have an entire discussion on each of its features. Keep reading.

Product Overview

Let’s appreciate how Trail master had been able to put a 200cc engine with pull start back up and reverse electric start in this model. The kids will find it easy to start and stop with just a couple of training sessions. Also, the engine also brings on a full form suspension. So, no harsh rides anymore.

Moving forward, the second most important of parents (first, sometimes) is the safety guide. The metal body is made in an extremely agronomic way to withstand the ups and downs of the road or terrain. Although it doesn’t have any side doors or so, but very few of the karts actually come with that. The Tubular steel frame features a cage of full upper coverage, side rails, and belly pan. So as long as your kid pulls up the seat belt, he’s under full protection.  

The TRAILMASTER XRX-R MID-SIZE 200cc KIDS GO KART is a right model for kids of 8 to 14 years of kids. As we said before, it can go till a speed limit of 30 mph. But don’t be afraid if your kid dares to touch the highest limit. Because the model comes with a brake built of hydraulic discs. So, whenever he wants, he can pull the brake up and stay away from risky collisions. All you need to train is, how to pull the brake.

It’s made to be sitting for kids of 8 to 145 years of kids. And the 10.2 inches high seat is another proof to that.


  • 31 inches- 37 inches back to seat to pedal.
  • 30 mph of maximum speed.
  • Heavy duty body with strong tubular steel.
  • 200cc engine with electric start.  
  • 10..2 inches of maximum seat height.
  • Cargo rack with upper roll cage.  
  • Enclosed belly pan and side rails.
  • Hydraulic disk brakes.


  • No side doors for further protection.




What Do We Like Most?

In this part of the review, we’ve made our mind to place something that’s made to be heavy duty, comes with an engine with high performance and high efficiency, and scorer in all sort of performance factors. Luckily, we’ve got Trailmaster 300cc XRX in hand.

The best impression of this Go Kart is created by a number of factors. First of all, the 300cc engine with a liquid air cooler came to be a very efficient one. This is so important for Karts that are going to be used for long hours. Also, its ease of control and flexibility in driving provides an extra shade of comfort while you’ll be driving it for long hours.

Let’s head in the more detailed review-

Product Overview

The visual of Trailmaster 300cc XRX will surely leave a good first impression on the user. The dark blue color, smooth steel finish, front and tail lights and the overall glow in the design will be surely catching the attention anywhere. Another good thing that happened to it designs are- the leather made an adjustable seat, the review mirrors, head and tail lights etc.

Later on, the technical speciation is quite satisfying comparing to the price. It’s provided with a four-wheel suspension for better comfort on the go. Unlike all other Karts, it won’t reach discomfort to the rider. Plus, a built-in shock absorber adds more value to the suspension system.

The digital speedometer will help you to keep an eye on the speed. The horns, shock absorbers are there to make the ride as safe as possible. So, no matter it’s your 15-year-old kid or you alone, Trailmaster 300cc XRX will be a right companion.

To serve you for the most lifetime, the engine is made to be super-efficient. As you know, engines of such genre don’t have that much output until you hold them to call. But as an exception, Trailmaster 300cc XRX has got an efficient engine cooler, and an automatic with reverse. The last good news is, the frame is made to be a right fit for both adults and teenagers.


  • Heat-efficient water cooler engine.
  • Double Arm/Swing arm suspension.
  • 13.8 inches ground clearance for a smooth ride.
  • Can climb through 18 degrees of angled terrains.
  • Completely electric start.
  • The best companion when you need one foreigner.
  • A good fit for travels and long-term drives.


  • Side doors are open.
  • Doors aren’t best suitable for a safe ride.

Trailmaster 300cc adult size Go kart with WATER COOLED Engine



What Do We Like Most?

At the beginning of the article, we promised you to bring on Go Karts for both kids and adults. So here, we’ve put the limelight at two of the highest perfuming karts on the market. Now it’s time to go light and go for kids.  

TRAILMASTER KIDS GO KART XRX MINI is our favorite pick for kid’s ride and for short-term rides around your house premises. Also, the most favorite thing about this Kart is its price. Along the list, this is the lowest price-quality ratio and we loved how Trailmasrter had been put all those features that’s supposed to be in more expensive models.

However, let’s head into detailed features-

Product Overview

Like we said, you’ll find a good seat of features in this Go Kart that’s naturally supposed to be in models of higher price. Take the trucking line as an example. You can use it to contact and arranging residential curbside delivery from house to house.  

Other technical specification includes 4 strokes, single cylinder engine of 163cc horsepower. The power isn’t a heavy one, but still, you can go for household purposes near around your home. Maximum horsepower and torque range is 5.5hp/3600rpm and 8 lb. ft/3600 rpm respectively. If you’re a technical guy, these values should be sufficient for you for such a price.

The Go Kart can acquire a maximum speed of 12.5mph and it can climb through an angle of 12 degrees. So, it can deal with typical roadside terrains on the road or on your lawn.

We loved the way this model has been made agronomic. The Dual A-arm, double oil dumped shock, the automatic transmission and everything relevant is extremely user-friendly. Especially kids of 12-17 years age will find it extremely good to go. Also, the seat height is 7.5 inches, ground clearance is 3.5 inches. Again, good for kids.

A very minimum amount of setup and maintenance is required with TRAILMASTER KIDS GO KART XRX MINI. As you receive the model, the manufacturers will email you the entire manual and you can have email and phone support in any instance.


  • Electric starter with pull back starter.
  • Suspension, transmission and speed limit controller.
  • The steering is made in rack and pinion mechanism.
  • Double seater with seat adjustability.
  • 12.5 mph with highest speed limit.
  • Can ride up to an angle of 12 digress.
  • A great price-quality ratio.


  • Not even preferred for long-term driving.
  • For small duties only.

Rugged Suspension, Speed Limiter Control, Custom ajustable doble plazas.



What Do We Like Most?

This model here is the previous version of our #1 ranked Go Kart. The technical features are almost close to each other and same goes to the price tag. But the #1 ranked TRAILMASTER XRX-R has got some upgrades on the control and suspense system. But yet, TRAILMASTER 200CC MID XRX GOKART that we’re talking about has got a good blend of features that your kid is going to love a lot. Especially, we highly loved the safety features that this has brought.

Product Overview

Some specific features that are missing in almost all of the trailmaster go kart review have made its place on the list. As an example, the quick starter and responsive motor, the extended size of headlights, better shocks, and sporty seats are there. No matter your kid is of any age of between 8-14, he’ll surely love to have a ride on TRAILMASTER 200CC MID XRX GOKART.

As we mentioned before, the most loved feature of this product is its vast safety features. The EPA certified 4 stroke engines will run through a power of 200cc and never blow out on the road. The max horsepower and torque is 6.5 hp and 9.6 lb. ft respectively.

The engine is powered to go for a maximum speed of 32 mph and on the road, it can ride on a terrain of up to 12 degrees of slope. Great for such a mid-ranged Go Kart.

If you do a little bit compromise with the suspension system, TRAILMASTER 200CC MID XRX GOKART is a good one to go. At least we found it a right fit for kids. What do you think?


  • 31 mph maximum speed.
  • 12 degrees of maximum riding angle.
  • Lasts for a long time.
  • Electric start system with pull back battery.
  • Double oiled damped shock.
  • EPA certified 4 stroke engines.
  • 12V backup battery.
  • 6.5 horsepower engine.


  • Ground clearance is 2.8 inches only.
  • Poor suspension.



What Do We Like Most?

If you’re browsing the internet and looking for a cheap Go Kart from your favorite brand Trailmaster, we’ve got another good news for you. This time, it’s the TRAILMASTER 163CC XRX MINI GOKART. It’s a cheap, sustainable and durable Go Kart that stands out from other cheap models from other brands. We loved the way features are embedded in this go Kart and we’re sure that you’ll love them too.

Product Overview

TRAILMASTER 163CC XRX MINI GOKART is the runner-up of our budget pick of Go Kart from the brand of Trailmaster. It’s a model that keeps the price are under $1000 and still satisfies every aspect of a good quality Go Kart.  

It’s a remote start Go kart that has a number of unique features like the Speed governor, Live Axle, Dual Wheel drive, front and rear suspension and some more. We loved the way Trailmaster has put all the essential features in TRAILMASTER 163CC XRX MINI GOKART.

Especially, we’d highly like to mention the front and rear suspension that they’re provided. This is really rare in a go kart of such price range. Also, the ground clearance, the seatback and pedal distance, wheelbase- everything is made to be loved by your kid.

Also, it’s capable of taking up to a weight of 400 pounds. So, good for adults as well, right?


  • Pull start back up and electric start.
  • Can be started with the remote.
  • Dual wheel drive.
  • Torque converter.
  • Speed governor embedded.
  • Disc brakes made of hydraulic.
  • Pack and pinion steering system.
  • 400 pounds of load capacity.


  • The engine power is quite low(163cc).



What Do We Like Most?

TRAILMASTER 150CC XRX GTS GOKART is a new and still not-so-familiar pick from the Go Karts of Trailmaster the brand. Comparing to the features and their real-time actions, we found it extremely high performing. But due to the high price range, and other brands providing more at the same price, this model couldn’t become a hotcake. But we still loved the TRAILMASTER 150CC XRX GTS GOKART that’s why we’ve put it on the list.

Let’s have a glimpse of its features-

Product Overview

The 1500cc engine of TRAILMASTER 150CC XRX GTS GOKART is able to provide an hp of 8.2 and a maximum torque of 7 lb-ft. The Bore X stroke engine comes with a maximum speed of 43 mph and a riding angle(maximum) of 12 degrees. Good for any such Go Karts I think.

Moving forward, the design of this model includes an Aluminum Wheel, Hydraulic brake, Swing Ark brakes, driving sustention of the dual wheel and everything that a good Go Kart should have.  

 The wheelbase is 58 inches, the seat height is 13.8 inches (pretty high) and a ground clearance of 6.7 inches from the ground. The GY6 engine combined with such body- this is what every Go Kart lover would like to have a test drive with.


  • EPA certified engine.
  • 500 pounds capacity.
  • Backed up by a 12V battery.
  • Hydraulic brakes.
  • Reverse driving and driving wheel.
  • Dual wheel suspension.
  • Agronomic design.
  • 43.5 mph driving speed(max).
  • 12 degrees of riding angle.


  • High price.

So far, we’re glad to explain all the features and shortcomings of Go Karts from the brand Trailmaster in this list. As you go through deep of this Trailmaster go kart review, surely, you’ll find a right pick for your kid. No matter it’s a high performing runner or just a lawn kart to have playtimes with, we’re sure that you’ve found the best go kart for your budget.

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