Trolling Motor Accessories

To get rid of the boring life, passing a few days on open water is a great idea. That’s why you need a boat. Having a boat will also allow you to go fishing. Whatever the purpose is, fishing or boating, you can’t deny the need of trolling motor.

You’ll see different accessories of trolling motor in the market. Some accessories are for increasing the efficiency, some are for using the motor easily, and some are for replacing if the stock parts don’t work. Here I’m going to discuss some accessories of trolling motor that will be useful for you. Let’s see.

Accessories of Trolling Motor

Accessories of Trolling Motor

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If you are a boating freak, you must know how much important a propeller is. It is a fan-type object with blades attached to a center shaft. A propeller may contain two or three blades.

It transmits power by transforming rotational motion into thrust. Thus the boat gets the kinetic energy to run fast.

You’ll find different types of propellers in the market offered by different sellers. Buy one that is strong and able to rotate at a good speed.

Extension Handle

The extension handle is a very useful accessory for trolling motor. This is actually a long straight bar that can be attached to the tiller handle of the trolling motor. This extension handle allows you to control the motor from a long distance. As a result, you’ll be able to control the boat sitting in a comfortable position.

Extension handles come in different sizes. According to the setup of your boat, find something that is comfortable for you.

Power Center

The power center is a necessary accessory for trolling motors if the boat is small or doesn’t have battery compartments. This is an external power source having easy access. As a result, installing it in your trolling motor will allow the motor to run properly.

A few power centers are available in the market. According to your boat size and trolling motor specifications, you can choose any.

Isolator Bolts

At the time of bolting the trolling motor, it is often difficult to access the underside of the bow. Isolator bolts have come to a solution to this problem. These bolts allow you to screw down the trolling motor without using bolts in the underside.

You’ll get different isolator bolts in the market having compatibility with different types or sizes of motors. Choose one wisely depending on the type and size of the motor. Otherwise, an accident may happen later. If you install these bolts, make sure that you check those regularly. These lose their ability with the flow of time.

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