Us General Tool Box Review – Give Your Workplace A Futuristic Look

Last Updated on January 3, 2021

Mechanics out there, do you know that having a mobile toolbox can be a very reasonable investment?

While reading the US General Tool Box Review, you’ll get to understand the worth of having the right toolbox, how smart your work can get when you have one.



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Us General Tool Box Review

When you keep your working tools suitably cleaned, maintained and identically stored, they’ll return the favor.

But when you don’t have an organized workshop or a place you can keep all your tools for easy reach, you will end up losing some; which can be quite stressful.

Having a tool box in the solution. And US General tools box might just be the one you need. Let’s read more to know if they are.

1. 72 Inch 18 Drawer Industrial Roller Cabinets, Loading Capacity of 4602 Lb.

If industrial and repairs are like the “milk” of your business, then the 72 Inch red drawer cabinets hold the “answer” to your tool problem.

This leading brand of industrial rolling tool cabinet is made with precise welding in rugged steel construction.  It is polished with a high Industrial glossy powder finish to help it resist dust and rust.

This specific roller cabinet was designed to carry heavy loads and can be easily maneuvered from one place to another, because of its motorized tires.

72 Inch 18 Drawer Glossy Red Industrial Roller Cabinet

Capacity & Compartments:

Most people complain a lot about not having the standard tool storage capacity, thereby limiting them from carrying the number of tools needed for work.

Especially in places like offshore, but in this us general tool box review, you will discover that the perfect 72 Inch drawer cabinet is particularly made for this kind of situation. With a big storage capacity which contains over 34,300 cu for tool storage.

This enhanced roller cabinet is made sleek, which can be used as a permanent place for the keeping of heavy equipment’s like jacks and hydraulic pumps, due to the nature of its deep drawers and also can be converted as an office desk when stylishly turned around.

These fantastic products come with Non-slip rubber mats inside the compartments to help keep your working tools organized and to prevent your tools from rust.

When it comes to security, us general tool box review will prove that the 18 drawer toolbox is the ideal option for your equipment’s.

It handmade with heavy-duty ball bearings carefully fitted on slides of all drawers; its latches are spring loaded always to keep drawers closed, two standards separate drawer locks and with a spare key each, so try to always keep in a safe place for replacement when misplaced.


In my own words, the tool cabinet would be classified as the “king of the ring” when it comes to the weight of most motorized tool boxes out there. It is robust and rated 528 lbs. in total weight capacity.


if you are looking for a toolbox that can be used as a very high shelf, then, this brand is not the right choice for you; since of its height is 42-19/32 inches.

It also comes with a weight advantage of about 22-5/16 inch, which can be used to keep items like computers or sound gears when working on an automobile.]

2. 44 Inch 13 Drawer 2633 Lb Capacity Industrial Quality Roller Cabinet

US General industrial drawer cabinets are made highly efficient with organized storage solution for tools and components.

Unlike some other products out there, that claims to be of high quality, their toolbox quality is exactly what it says and they are made available in a wide range of standard, choice of dimensions and custom drawer configurations with many accessories to fit.

The 44 Inch drawer is made unique with plenty of storage and rock solid to last for a very long time.

It is affordable compared to other products which their quality doesn’t support the price they put up, and this particular toolbox price is way below what is expected.

This gorgeous Industrial quality Cabinet is equipped with 5-inch steel casters with motorized rubber tires for smooth movement under heavy load.

Like you read earlier in this article us general tool box review, on how unique this toolbox was made, you will notice that two of the 5-inch steel casters are fixed, while the others are made with standard locking swivel mechanism for easy pulling.


Capacity & Compartments:

The drawers are also an excellent alternative for mechanics or workers looking for storage space.

With 16 inches depth of drawers, the exceptional toolbox is the right choice to keep your spanners, screwdrivers, bolts and nuts, lubricants and more organized and easy to identify.

The us general toolbox also come two different widths, spaced close to 1/3 and 2/3 enough to contain the entire tool you will ever need for an automobile repair.

Another advantage of this toolbox is that it comes with an extra full width of 36-7/8 drawer at the top, perfect for keeping the tools you would want to start off your day with.

Also with six 12-5/16” wide small drawers which can be used as pockets for spanner sets and six other 22-3/8” larger ones suitable for heavy tools.

The roller cabinet is furnished with a chrome-plated steel handle that is durable and portable unlike the 72-inch roller cabinet, and stylishly polished within a glossy red color finish, that won’t scrape off and very easy to clean.

Its drawer ball bearings are made smooth with folded edges for extra strength when locked with keys.


The us general tool box review, is just an insight on how effective this product can be you and also have a better understanding of why this particular cabinet is the right choice for you.

You can recall I mentioned portability; this particular toolbox is rated 245 lbs. in weight and with a reasonable amount of compartment when compared with that of the 72-inch cabinet.


After reading this and you’re still looking for height, then, this is still not the right product for you, as its made 41 inches high, but it will certainly look great in your garage.

3. 30 Inch 5 Drawer 704 Lb. Capacity Glossy Red Tool Cart

There has never been a time when one regretted buying any of the US general toolboxes. All box selections, depending on your own specification and taste, always meets up to standard.

The certified 30 Inch 5 Drawer 704 Lb. Capacity Glossy Red Tool Cart is highly recommended on this us general tool box review if portability is everything you ever dreamed off.

Most times, mechanics or workers who make use of mobile toolboxes prefer portable ones due to so many reasons. It could be financial or maybe a personal reason, but you need to know that this particular five drawer tool box was made for people who want more space to keep their tools and with an affordable price.

30 Inch 5 Drawer also come in specs like Black (27.88 x 14.63 x 36 in), Red (20.5 x 33.4 x 41 in) and Black (17.5 x 33.5 x 38.3 in).

This tough Tool Cart is made of 14 gauge pure steel construction with a red enamel finish that resists rust.

The US general ensures that all models of their toolboxes were remarkably given a smooth finish and of standard, so when choosing to get the brand, smooth finishing shouldn’t be the case at hand.

Capacity Glossy Red Tool Cart

Capacity & Compartments:

One of the amazing things you should know about this particular toolbox is its ability to contain a huge amount of tools.

Though small in shape unlike the other big mussel tool boxes out there, it still gets the job storage right. Before we talk about the capacity of this toolbox, I want to clear the air about the US General and Harbor Freight brands.

It’s important to know that these two brands are the same brand. They’re just two different brands with almost the same toolboxes and specs.

So if you’re a fan of the Harbor Freight and you want to try out other brands of toolboxes, the US General is the perfect choice for you.

Now, the 30 Inch Drawer is also carefully handmade with ball-bearing rails that to me seems like they work even more smoothly “opening and closing” of the drawers when loaded.

This sturdy piece comes with Non-slip drawer liners that help to protect and hold your tools in place. Also, the drawer locking mechanisms are security tight with keys included.


This has always been a problem when it comes to tool boxes. When you have an overweighted toolbox, you won’t be able to work efficiently and will still loo et to spend money on a hired hand for extra lifting.

This exact toolbox is 120 lbs. i.e. the total product weight and this doesn’t limit the powerful toolbox from carrying extra massive gears such as pry bars, breaker bars, ratchet spanners and more up to 703 lbs.

It also comes with Two fixed and two locking swivel casters to support the movement when overweighted.


There’s a popular proverb that “you can’t have it all” and this proverb also represents its self when it come to this particular toolbox.

Though it’s shorter compared to the two you already read about in this us general tool box review, but the Cart height rated 41-2/5 inches is still very effective regardless of the height and also in product Width 20-3/4 inches.

4. 11 Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet

In order to stay organized anytime, you need to carry out home or workshop improvements, a well-resourced motorized toolbox will frequently come in handy to contribute in the progress and completion of your task.

This particular brand of the US general roller cabinets provides numerous benefits that make them essential in every project you decide to carry out.

This roller tool cabinet is fortified with pure heavy-duty industrial steel cabinetry has inside smooth finished welded joints to stand the test of time.

They also come in variety of colors and dimensions such as Red (26.5 x 14 x 32 in), Orange (43.25 x 20.63 x 38.19 in), and Silver/Black (18.25 x 27.1 x 38.9 in).

11 Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet

Capacity & Compartments:

Perfect for your shop, garage or workstation; the drawer cabinet offers a suitable solution in tool storage and allowing you to freely access them when they are required in a well-organized stand, ensuring that your tasks are faster and less tasking.

The durable us general toolbox offers security and safety features, its lockable drawers with included keys, ensures that your working tools are well protected, decreasing the risk damage.

The US general cabinet is correctly fitted also like the rest of the brand with Non-slip drawer liners that protect your equipment from rust.

So if you the type that considered space and cost first before looking at for toolboxes, then this product is the right alternative for you. Also, there’s a compartment provided on the bottom of the toolbox for drill machines and saws.

Another advantage of the 11 drawer tool cabinet compared to the ones you’ve read on this us general tool box review, is that of the color.

The exceptional toolbox is particularly known for its professional black polished nature, which is just the perfect fit for any workshop; where you always have to worry about lubricate stains.


Though this guy looks small but he got skills with the weight rate of 151 lbs. The tool cabinet with its 11 drawers has the ability to carry up to 286.5 lbs. worth on load of heavy equipment’s or tools.

It is also equipped four 3inch casters, two swivels with brake, two fixed for effective movement and easy accessibility.


This US general cabinet, I would recommend, is ideal alternative for mechanics or workshops looking for height or more.

The tool cabinet is up to 54 inches high, which can be used not only as a toolbox but also as a closet for worker for keeping work clothes and many more.

5. 30 Inch Large Tool Box Rolling Service Cart

This US general brand of large tool storage rolling service cart features a unique and simple set of 2 Shelves and a locking drawer tray; which has a durable Red, and Silver-Chrome finish.

With the product dimension as 30 x 16 x 35.6 inches, the large toolbox rolling service cart units can be combined and used individually with other units to make a storage system such as add-on drawers, drawer organizers, and trays.

This robust service cart is also equipped with large loading capacity to extend product life. Let’s divert a little here and get to know the main importance of the rolling service cart.

The truth about heavy tool carts is that they are designed to carry heavy loads; so I guess that’s where the word “heavy” or “large” originated from.

Most industrial tool carts offer load capacities of more than 5,000 pounds; this is actually that can decrease efficiency problem and can be way too hard to move around during work unless you got some superhero powers.

Large Tool Box Rolling Service Cart

Capacity & Compartments:

The 30 Inch large tool service cart is equipped a single centered lockable storage drawer with two keys.

Its open top and bottom trays are fortified for plenty of storage and for heavy equipment’s.

This service cart is particular made ball bearing slides with quick release design that gives great flexibility when reconfiguring the drawers.

With its rectangular shaped drawer and sturdy 16 gauge chrome plated frame, the beautiful 30 Inch Large Tool Box Rolling Service Cart comes in two colors of Red or Silver-Chrome and with a dimension of 30 x 16 x 35.6 inches.


In my own words, I would say this is the small muscle, rated at 43.8 1bs. and as a result of its ability to handle about 350 lbs. of weight and with its large 4-inch casters, with locking brakes on two casters for effective


Here I don’t think there’s need for height when considering this product. Although it’s a 31 inches service cart, it still has what it takes.

There’s more to life than putting ourselves and people around us at risk. We all have a purpose, but what comes first is our safety and that of the environment.

A motorized toolbox has many advantage, it reduces risk of you getting injured from moving high weight equipment’s, improved work efficiency and it makes you work smart.

Finally, I would recommend you share this information you’ve learned on the so far on article us general tool box review, so people who need this products can be able to make their perfect choice through you.


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