What Size of Battery do you need for Trolling Motor?

Last Updated on November 25, 2020

Having a boat is great. If you have one, you can go to the open sea anytime to feel the nature and water; maybe you can catch some fish too. However, the feel and chill won’t last long if your trolling motor has a battery issue.

So, this is obvious that you need to purchase the perfect battery for your trolling motor. There are different types of battery for trolling motor, as well as different sizes too. So, it is tough to choose the best battery for the motor, especially if you are new in boating.

Here, I have tried to make choosing battery easier. Before knowing the battery size, let’s know the types of trolling motor batteries. 

Types of Batteries for Trolling Motor

From Starter battery and Deep-cycle battery, you are advised to use deep-cycle batteries. Deep-cycle batteries are designed to run for a long time by discharging and recharging. Starter batteries are designed for delivering power for a short time.

Deep-cycle batteries come in three forms- AGM, Gel, and Wet-cell.

Wet-cell batteries

Wet-cell batteries are traditional batteries with a liquid mixture of distilled water and sulfuric acid. If you maintain it properly, you can use it for a long time.

AGM batteries

AGM batteries are the safer type of battery because these come with a tight seal. This type of battery needs low maintenance.

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Gel batteries

Gel batteries are like AGM batteries. They are tightly sealed and need low-maintenance. Another advantage of gel battery is it comes with a long life cycle.

what size battery for trolling motor? – Choosing the Battery Size

The battery size for trolling motor depends on the ‘pounds of thrust’ rating of the motor.  Gross weight of the boat is also important here. So, you have to calculate the approximate total weight of the boat including the weight of the people and things it normally carries. After getting the approximate weight, it’ll be easier for you to choose the battery size.

After that, check the ‘pounds of thrust’ rating of your trolling motor. Normally, most of the motors come with a rating of 75 thrust. Let’s think of Minn Kota Endura Max 55. This motor comes with a 55 pound per thrust rating. Normally, 5 pounds of thrust can handle almost 200 lbs. weight. So, this motor can handle 2200 lbs. weight.

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However, you’ll find batteries of 12V, 24V and 36V. A 12V battery can consume around 720W of power, which is approximately 72 pounds of thrust. So, for Minn Kota Endura Max 55, a 12-volt battery is enough. But, if your boat is longer than 16 feet, I suggest you get a 24V battery. Because, the longer the boat, the more power the battery needs. Besides, longer boats can carry more weight. So, the battery needs extra power.

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Final Verdict

You don’t need to buy a heavy battery if you own a small boat. You need to find the perfect one. If you know how to select the best battery, your boating will be more enjoyable and risk-free. That’s why I have tried to explain the calculation easily. I hope this will support you to get a battery for your trolling motor.

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